Baby Nut in the 2020 Super Bowl ad

Watch Out, Baby Yoda: There's A Baby Mr. Peanut & He's All Kinds Of Adorable


Mere days before the Super Bowl, the world mourned the loss of iconic snack mascot Mr. Peanut. Fans were impressed by the company's daring marketing move, but also pretty devastated by the surprising death. However, the newest Planters commercial has brought the beloved character back to life in a new way, and these tweets about Baby Nut in the 2020 Super Bowl ad are full of love for the little nugget.

The commercial started off super grim, depicting the funeral of Mr. Peanut. Mourners sobbed as they said goodbye to him, but as a tear from the distraught Kool-Aid Man splashed down on Peanut's grave, rays of sunshine appeared, and a plant began sprouting where the dead nut was laid to rest, revealing a tiny little "Baby Nut" had been born.

The bundle of joy instantly melted hearts with its enormous cartoon eyes and oversize top hat, but don't expect any baby talk from this legume. The newly born Baby Nut opened its mouth and began making dolphin noises for some reason (perhaps a nod to Spongebob Squarepants' fancy talk?), before saying: "Just kidding; I'm back," indicating it's the same old Mr. Peanut, just in a new nut body. Of course, he also asked for his signature monocle.

So, not only do fans no longer need to be sad about Mr. Peanut's death, but they also get a brand-new, adorable mascot to fawn over.

Twitter had a lot to say about the commercial, starting with the brands that were part of the peanut resurrection:

Considering all the hype over little versions of pop culture stalwarts these days, it's not surprising viewers kind of lost it over the new little guy.

Of course, it didn't take long at all for fans to make comparisons to other popular baby-fied characters who are also having their moments in pop culture — specifically Baby Yoda and Baby Groot.

It wouldn't be Twitter without some hot takes though, and audiences definitely didn't disappoint with their jokes.

Multiple Baby Nut meme accounts have started popping up on the internet, even before the Super Bowl ended. So don't expect the hype surrounding this new/old peanut to go away anytime soon.