16 TV Makeup Sex Scenes That Will Remind You Love Isn't Dead

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Though fairytales always end in "happily ever after," the truth is that all relationships deal with their fair share of conflict. No matter how long you've been seeing someone, being able to work through problems as they arise can be an important step toward growth in your relationship. And while you and your boo may even feel closer after having it out, in the heat of the moment, fighting with your partner can feel totally heartbreaking. So, if you need a reminder that open and honest communication in this key to any relationship, consider the best TV makeup sex scenes to be the sultry light at the end of the conflict tunnel.

Whether you and your boo disagree about social media or you're trying to figure out some housing boundaries after moving in together, working through your problems can be a big part of being in love. And while it's not always fun to roll up your sleeves and dig into all your painful feelings, open communication is the only way to ensure that you and your partner are on the same page. Being able to express your feelings to your partner is important, and opening up about when you disagree or feel upset about something is a crucial step in really getting to know each other.

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Of course, if you've tried communicating with your partner or you feel like you're always fighting, it's OK to take some time for yourself or even reevaluate your future together. Some fights aren't worth having out time and time again, and your emotional well-being is always the most important aspect to consider. If you feel like you can work it out, however, getting it on after a tiff can be a great way to feel more connected. And for every fight or squabble that you may experience in your relationship, there may be a steamy hot makeup sex session just waiting on the other side of the door.

With all that being said, here are the 16 best makeup sex scenes from TV that will definitely reassure you that love is not dead.

Olivia & Fitz From "Scandal"
Betty & Jughead From "Riverdale"
Emily & Alison From "Pretty Little Liars"
Rayna & Deacon From "Nashville"
Ian & Mickey From "Shameless"
Rebecca & Josh From "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"
April & Jackson From "Grey's Anatomy"
Carrie & Big From "Sex and the City"
Dan & Serena From "Gossip Girl"
Lorelei & Luke From "Gilmore Girls"
Ross & Rachel From "Friends"
Nick & Jess From "New Girl"
Grace & Nick From "Grace and Frankie"
Alex & Piper From "Orange Is The New Black"
Andi And Kyle From "Easy"
Dana & Alice From "The L Word"