The 11 Best Instagram Comments To Leave For Your Crush & Rack Up The Likes

If you've been eying a cutie for a while, interacting with their Instagram can be a tactful way to drop a little hint. (The hint being that you want to rent a fancy Airbnb with them and listen to Clairo as you eat pesto pasta and make out in a hammock. Just me?) Well, whatever the heck it is you're looking for, flirting on social media can provide a happy medium before full-on texting a potential boo. So, knowing the best comments to leave on Instagram for your crush can really come in handy.

Of course, before you make your move, it can be helpful to think about the types of interactions you're looking for. If you are trying to move the conversation from the comments section to a date downtown, the best comments to leave may be the ones that welcome a response, like asking a question or suggesting a new coffee place. If your crush lives far away or you're just trying to gas them up on their lunch break, leaving a cute emoji or complimenting their outfit can get their attention, too.

Here are *the* best 11 comments to leave on your crush's Instagram.

Sean Locke/Stocksy
*Star Emojis*

Whether your crush posted a sexy picture of them at the beach or they Instagrammed a gorgeous selfie, leaving the three little sparkles or a shooting star emoji can be a cute and tactful way to share how attracted you are to them. Although some people live for getting direct comments, being too graphic ("OMG, you are so hot!") may make your crush feel uncomfortable. Leaving the sparkles is like saying, "This hot picture of your makes me feel sparkly inside," without, like, literally saying that.

Where Is That? When Are We Going? Be Right There!

If your crush went on an amazing vacation or they're eating a delicious meal, making a joke about joining them can be a cute way to show your interest. Asking them where they were in the picture can open up the conversation for you both to talk about your favorite places to travel or eat.

OMG, I've Been There! Did You *Insert Specific Activity*?

If you and your crush are from the same hometown or you live in the same city, commenting on a picture of a place you've both been can establish a commonality. Asking if they did a specific thing at that place ("Did you go to the lobster roll place next to the beach?" or "Did you do the Angel's Landing hike?") can welcome a reply about their fun trip or big night out.

OK, But Have You Tried The *Insert Drink Or Food*?

If your crush posted a picture of themselves at your favorite coffee place or bar, pop in the comments and tell them what they should order next time. Giving them a recommendation can open up the conversation to, "We should go together sometime" or "I'll let you know when I'm there next!" and has the potential to make you look like a total boss who knows what they're talking about.

Where Did You Get That *Insert Object*?

Whether your crush is wearing a super cute jean jacket (that you totally want to "borrow" and never give back) or they're on a giant pizza-shaped pool floaty, asking a question about a prop in the photo can be a great way to flirt.

Here For This *Insert Adjective* Content!

If your crush posted a wholesome picture with their mom or an artsy photo of them at their friend's art gallery, let them know you're here for their wholesome or artsy content. If they normally post gym pictures and suddenly throw up an #OOTD, commenting that you've noticed the change and you approve can be a flirty way to say that you're interested.


Keeping it short and sweet is sometimes the best way to go. Saying something like "Cutie!!" or "OMG you look so good here!" can be a nice compliment that doesn't require too much overthinking. Again, you may want to consider your crush's comfort level and be mindful of your words. If your potential boo is on the shyer side or they don't often post pictures of themselves, "Sexy" or "Hottie" may feel like a little too much.

*Flower Emojis*

I'm extra as heck and give my dates literal flowers quite frequently. Of course, if you're trying to play it cool, commenting either the bouquet of flowers emoji or a couple of different flower emojis can be a sweet way to say, "Hi! I like you."

Love This Lewk!

If your crush posted a pic of themselves at their cousin's wedding or they're showing off their summer "lewk" after a few months of wearing layers, complimenting their outfit can be a great way to express that you like their style. It also opens up the conversation, so you can subtly ask to go shopping together or talk about your favorite brands.

@ A Mutual Friend

If you and your crush have a mutual friend, tag them in the comments section, along with a joke or suggestion for you all to hang out. If your crush posted a pic at a new sushi place in town or at the beach with your other friends, tagging your friend and saying something like, "Thanks for the invite" or "We're coming next time" can get a plan set in motion.


If your crush graduated from school or got a big promotion at work, leaving a bunch of exclamation points can be a sweet way to share that you're excited for them. Also, it can be a great precursor to sliding into their DMs and saying congrats, as well as offering to buy them a celebratory drink.

Leaving a cute comment on your crush's Instagram can be a great way to flirt. If you're worried that a comment may be a little too forward, it's always OK to err on the side of friendly over frisky. At the end of the day, you know what's up with your crush. And if you're feeling ready to hop into their comments section, I have *no comment* about you making the first move.