A woman leaves a flirty comment on her partner's Instagram.

24 Flirty Comments To Leave On Your Partner's Instagram That’ll Make Them Smile

by Christy Piña
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Alright, alright, alright, let's be real: broadcasting your love on social media is really exciting. Your new relationship is past the "too soon to post" phase and you're no longer limited to flirty texts and one-on-one dates. Now, you can go ahead and leave flirty comments on your partner's Instagram so the world knows they're yours. Hype them up with compliments, leave cute references to inside jokes, and make sure their thirst traps get plenty of love.

"Flirting keeps the playfulness and banter alive," Amy Levine, an expert in couple intimacy, previously told Bustle. "It keeps the energy flowing between two people so they are plugged in." So, stay plugged in and don't stop flirting, even if it's just an Instagram comment every now and then.

You know your partner better than anyone, so anything you brainstorm on your own is sure to be a hit. But deciding what to write on your significant other's Instagram can sometimes be overwhelming. Plus, brain fog happens to all of us — it can be tough to think straight when you're tired and want nothing more than to drift off in your boo's bed. So, if you need a little inspiration, I've got you covered.

From cutesy comments to heartfelt song lyrics to straight-up naughtiness, there's something for everyone on this list.

1. I'm the luckiest.

2. Will you accept this rose?

3. Bring that fine a** over here right now.

4. No one should be allowed to look that good. How do you do it?

5. You're so cute, I can't deal.

6. 12/10.

7. Body-ody-ody.

8. You're wow. Just wow.

9. What a babe.

10. Thank you for making every day so sweet.

11. Official proof the shirt I bought you looks amazing on you.

12. Mine.

13. This is distracting.

14. I've got nothing but heart eyes for ya.

15. I'm sorry, is this the cover of GQ?

16. You know you're pretty... pretty fantastic.

17. You rock my world.

18. Come over here.

19. Holy crap, this is hot. Justin Bieber to Hailey Baldwin

20. I'm trying to fall asleep, but I can't stop thinking about you.

21. You make my heart flutter.

22. You sweep me off my feet every time.

23. Best I ever had. — Drake, "Best I Ever Had"

24. That smile is seriously something.

Whether you and your partner just started dating or have been together for a while, leaving a flirty comment here or there on their social media is bound to make them smile. Flirting is always a good idea. Sometimes, once the honeymoon phase is over, you may not flirt as much as you used to, but keeping it going can do wonders for your relationship.

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