These are 10 of the best online free puzzle games to play when you're looking for a challenge.

Challenge Your Friends To These Online Puzzle Games While Social Distancing

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While you're practicing social distancing, there are many ways to engage in fun interactions without actually being face-to-face. Get ready to schedule a virtual game night with your friends, because there are plenty of fun options to keep you entertained while keeping a distance. Here are some of the 10 best free online puzzle games you can play with your loved ones to feel social while you're isolating.

Since many Americans are either self-isolating or following orders to shelter in place to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus, in-person social interactions are dwindling. While you can't hang out in gatherings or 10 or more over the next few weeks, you can schedule a game night to stay connected with your friends. Just pick a time, log into a video chatting app like FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts, and choose some games to play.

These puzzle games, in particular, will let you catch up with pals while also keeping your mind sharp. They're also great to play solo if you're just looking to pass the time.

1. Chess With Friends Free

Chess With Friends Free is available online from Zynga, which you can download via Google Play and the App Store. Similar to the hit Words With Friends, this game lets you play against each other in a casual game room setting.

2. QuizUp

QuizUp is available on Android and iOS, giving players a way to challenge their friends to a trivia battle. The categories include TV, movies, general trivia, and more. Questions are timed, so you'll need to be as speedy and as accurate as possible. Connect via Facebook to play with your friends.

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3. Dominoes: Battle

You can play Dominos: Battle on Facebook through its Instant Games section and challenge your friends through Messenger. This is a quick one, so it's perfect if you only have time for a few games.

4. Online multiplayer puzzle board games via Tabletopia

There are a lot of options if you're looking for virtual puzzle-style board games, and Tabletopia has plenty of free options. With different types of puzzle games, like Paperback, which is a word puzzle — and Noir, which is a detective game, there are tons of challenging options.

5. SongPop Arcade

You can play SongPop Arcade through Facebook Instant Games. Challenge your friend to some music knowledge for a twist on game night.

6. Pirates and Treasures

Arkadium has a few fun choices if you want to play some free hidden object games. While you and your friend will be playing separately, you can compare your scores after each round. A fun option is the Pirates and Treasures hidden object game, in which you wander through pirate ships searching for hidden objects and numbers. You get a penalty if you click on the wrong items, so the balance between speed and accuracy matters.


7. Butterfly Kyodai

Butterfly Kyodai is a puzzle game from The object of the game is to match up the butterflies and piece them together, as all of the wings are strewn about and mixed up across the board. It looks easy, but moves are limited to adjacent matching wings.

8. Jigsaw Blast

This is a timed puzzle challenge, and the object is to complete four different jigsaw puzzles. You and your friends can play Jigsaw Blast on Arkadia for free to see who's the fastest at piecing them together.

9. Candy Match

Candy Match is very similar to Candy Crus, and you can play this online at There are a ton of options in the match 3 category, so if you and your friends are looking for this type of game to play against each other, the choices are nearly endless.

10. Dog Mahjong

If you're familiar with traditional Mahjong, you'll want to play this dog-themed version.'s Dog Mahjong offers you and your friends the chance to play a classic puzzle game with a twist.

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