Thanksgiving Will Be The Worst For These Zodiac Signs

When a holiday is all about gathering with your relatives and feasting on the best home-cooked meal of the year, what could go wrong? Well, truth be told — a lot. Anyone who's experienced a Thanksgiving before can probably attest to that. Being trapped in a room with your family sounds a lot easier said than done, especially with all the head-trips and disagreements that can ensue. This is why I always make a point of examining the astrological forecast for the day, and unfortunately, it makes way too much sense that Thanksgiving 2019 will be the worst for these zodiac signs: Taurus, Gemini, and Aquarius. But don't let that ruin your enthusiasm for Nov. 28, because astrology only reveals cosmic influences. It's you who decides whether you'll act on them.

Although there are so many transits boosting the love and encouraging empathy, there will be unexpected bursts of conflict or an aggressive desire to debate. Mars — planet of combat and war — will be opposing radical Uranus, meaning you'll never know which conversations will trigger the fighter within you. Even though it's easier to agree than disagree, sometimes these debates are necessary in order to open each other's minds to new perspectives. Remember that it's more effective if you approach your differences with as much kindness and patience as you can muster. Luckily, Mercury — planet of communication — will form a trine with sensitive and sentimental Neptune, facilitating an environment where everyone will want to see the good in each other.


Taurus: You're Feeling Sensitive And Your Patience Is Being Tested

When it's Thanksgiving, you're in the midst of a period of release and renewal. You're divesting yourself from attachments that no longer serve you and learning how to open yourself up to the unknown. However, this process of shedding leaves you in a vulnerable state and it could cause your relationships to feel overwhelming or strained, especially at the dinner table. You might even feel like jumping to conclusions or going on the defensive, so try to think twice before lashing out. It might not be anywhere near as bad as you think.

Gemini: Your Relationships With Others Will Either Sink Or Float

You're craving passion, intensity, and emotional fulfillment from your relationships, and unfortunately, not everyone will be on the same page as you. But just because someone isn't ready to be vulnerable doesn't mean they'll never be. Try to be as patient as possible, because love is surrounding you, even if you're not seeing it at the moment. In fact, there may even be an exciting revelation about a relationship. There could also be unexpected delays or disturbances in your plans for the day, so get things done in advance and try to plan for a solution to any issues that arise.

Aquarius: You May Have Some Trouble Connecting With Others

You're in the mood for more personal and spiritual connections with others, and unless you have a deep relationship with the people whom you break bread with on Thanksgiving, you might feel a little distant. Pretending to be someone you're not, or denying you feel a certain way about someone, may feel more difficult. You might even let slip a secret that jeopardizes the mood at the table. Let this remind you of who you can truly trust and show you what it is you need from a relationship on a soul-to-soul level. It may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary.