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If You’re One Of These Signs, Thanksgiving Could Feel Heavier Than Other Years

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Another eclipse season is officially in session — and just in time for the holidays. The astro-weather is somewhat volatile, so be gentle with yourself. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving 2020 will be the worst for two zodiac signs — Aries and Libra — but that doesn't mean your holiday is doomed. Remember, the planets are constantly shapeshifting between energies and telling the collective a story. It's similar to the temperature dropping whenever the seasons change, so don't get too caught up in something you can't control.

The astro-weather on Thanksgiving Day is looking brutal, especially since the root of the holiday revolves around cooking and indulging in your favorite dishes. The moon, which is symbolic of nourishment and emotional comfort — aka mashed potatoes, apple pie, nom nom nom — will be squaring off with Saturn, and the taskmaster planet is symbolic of restriction, limits, and boundaries. Lunar transits affect the overall mood and despite its best efforts, Saturn's perks are more long-term, meaning any aspect involving the taskmaster planet feels isolating, limiting, and cold.

Also, intellectual Mercury will be in the midst of building toward a powerful sextile to smoldering Pluto amidst its journey through taboo-loving Scorpio. Mercury governs the mind and influences the way you communicate. In Scorpio, the messenger god is penetrating and sharp-tongued, let alone when making an aspect to Scorpio's modern ruler, Pluto. If you're feeling triggered by your sibling's political views at the dinner table, or simply not in the mood to be interviewed by your aunt and uncle over Zoom, it's best you get up and take a quick breather. Moon square Saturn's all about boundaries, so consider this your official cue to set them. In the meantime, here's why Aries and Libra might need a post-Thanksgiving Day vacation:

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Aries: You're Feeling More Triggered Than Usual, And You're Not In The Mood

Take a breather, Aries, Having the moon, Mars, and Chiron in your sign is hardly a walk in the park, but here we are. Don't set any expectations today and, more importantly, make it a point to set the necessary boundaries. A square to Saturn in your 10th house of authority figures foreshadows a potential disagreement with either a superior in the workplace or a prominent parent. So if you find yourself losing your cool, take a step back.

Libra: You're Not Getting Along With Everyone Like You Normally Do

Sometimes it simply has nothing to do with you, Libra. Granted, with the moon, Chiron, and Mars hovering over your committed seventh house of significant others, one-on-one relationships, and other people in general, it’s best to agree to disagree. If you’re coupled up, you might feel like things are tense between you and your partner, but this, too, shall pass.

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