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Taylor Swift Clapped Back At A Question About Motherhood, Calling Out This Double Standard

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Unfortunately, double standards run rampant in our society, especially in regards to expectations for certain milestones. By a certain age, women are expected to settle down with a long-term partner, maybe buy a house, and, most importantly, have kids. And while there has been some progress toward loosening the reigns of societal expectations with regard to what age a woman is "expected" to have a baby, there are still some who have a hard age in their minds. So, you'll be thrilled to hear that Taylor Swift's response to a question about having kids calls out the nasty double standard. TBH, I'm so proud.

Any Swiftie knows the singer is going to turn 30 in December 2019. And, for many people, 30 is an extremely monumental age — you're no longer in your 20s; you have most likely grown into yourself substantially in the decade between 20 and 30; and by that point, you're likely on your way to really figuring out your work life. Jennifer Garner definitely did it right when she used that magic dust to turn herself into a 30-year-old boss lady.

Anyway, while 30 is undoubtedly an age to celebrate, society expects women to have "settled down" by that age. Even though the decision to start a family (or not) is a personal one, there are people who can't help but pry when it comes to women and motherhood. According to People, a journalist from German outlet RTL asked Swift about turning 30 by prodding her about whether she plans on becoming a mother one day, according to the translation. Swift found the question inappropriate, and her response was so fitting.

Swift responded by saying she didn't feel the journalist would have mentioned that if she weren't a woman. According to the translation from RTL, she said:

I really do not think men are asked that question when they turn 30. So, I’m not going to answer that now.


Kween Taylor, you could not have said it better. Women shouldn't be "expected" to settle down by a certain age. Plus, questions like that can be problematic in other ways. Some people may have reproductive issues, not want kids at all, or have previously had difficult experiences while trying to have a baby, which brings up potentially sensitive issues. So, props to Taylor for calling out a prying question with a subject that is really no one's business but hers. It's what everyone was thinking, anyway.

Even though Swift rightly stayed mum in response to the reporter's question about having a baby, she has let her fans in on glimpses of her most recent long-term relationship. For the last two years, she's been in a very steady relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn. And, according to recent rumors, they might be ready to take their relationship to the next level somewhat soon. An anonymous source told Us Weekly back in December 2018 that Joe was reportedly intending to propose very soon. Well, it's now about five months out from that rumor, with nothing to show for it. TBH, though, engagement or not, both of them deserve all the happiness in the world.

OK, everyone, let's review what we've learned today: Women don't appreciate being questioned about "becoming a mother" based on their age. It's a gender-biased idea that isn't as widely directed at men, and it reiterates the societal standard that women are "expected" to settle down by a certain age. To be real with each and every one of you, I really just want to know how Swift is going to celebrate the big 3-0. House party? Maybe she'll get the squad back together? Not sure if she has plans yet, but I'm really jonesing for an invite at the moment.