Joe Alwyn Might Reportedly Be Proposing To Taylor Swift Soon & OMG, I'm Freaking Out

by Korey Lane
Frazer Harrison/ Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Everyone knows how much Taylor Swift loves love. Since she started her music career at 16 years old, Swift has always never been afraid to express her feelings and be vulnerable in her lyrics. She's built a career on opening up about her romantic life, making herself relatable to fans, and of course, her overall talent and creative vision. But in her current relationship, Swift has been fairly silent and private, meaning that fans are even more curious to know what exactly she's feeling. So, the fact that Joe Alwyn might reportedly be proposing to Taylor Swift soon is kind of a big deal, and it's totally OK if you want to scream into a pillow right now. I'm right there with you!

That's right, folks. Swift may very well be wearing a rock on that finger sooner rather than later. According to Us Weekly, an anonymous source reportedly revealed that "Joe is very keen on proposing soon." Now, it's important to remember that this is mere speculation at this point, but judging on the source's use of the word "keen," they might just be British like Alwyn himself, which might mean they're probably a close friend or family member of Alwyn's and might really have some exclusive insider information. However, don't get too excited just yet, because the source also revealed that he "wants to make it unforgettable and extremely special," meaning the proposal could still be months away.

Nevertheless, the source also reportedly revealed that Swift will definitely say "yes" to this love story. "He’s her dream guy," the source told the publication. "Taylor’s going to be over the moon," about the proposal, they continued, which makes sense. After all this time, the couple seems very serious about each other, regularly attending events to support one another and respecting each other's need for privacy.

So, are you ~ready for it~? An engaged T-Swift? Some happy love songs? The most gorgeous wedding to ever take place? I definitely am, but as we patiently await more news about the happy couple's reported almost-engagement, let's look back at how it all started.

Swift and Alwyn first got together in 2016, according to Cosmopolitan. No one knows for sure where exactly they met, but based on the lyrics to Swift's "Dress," ("Flashback to when you met me, your buzz cut, and my hair bleached.") it was either at the 2016 Met Gala or later that year at a Kings Of Leon concert. The two hid their relationship remarkably well (which is understandable, given the constant criticism Swift has received for her relationships in the past), as news didn't officially break about the couple until May 2017 — a whole year after they potentially started dating. But Swift's new album, Reputation, definitely revealed some possible details about their love. In fact, her music video for "Delicate" definitely indicates that the song was about Alwyn, as avid Swifties have pointed out.

Truly, their relationship seems to be "End Game" for Swift, and if a proposal really is on it's way, then it's sure to be "Gorgeous" as heck. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Swift has certainly been through a lot when it comes to heartbreak, which she has been extremely transparent about in her music. Now, living a much more private life, who's to say whether anyone will even know if and when Swift gets engaged? Seriously, she might just get married without anyone knowing. The singer and songwriter has lived nearly half of her life in the spotlight, and built a massive empire while doing so. If anyone deserves a special, private moment with her partner, it's Swift.