Taylor Swift's Juice Box In The "End Game" Video Actually Has A Secret Message

by Karen Ruffini
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nothing Taylor Swift does is accidental. Always remember that. So when she took to social media to debut a teaser for her music video for the song "End Game," the world saw a few things and got pretty excited. First, we saw Ed Sheeran (yes!) and Future (double yes!) and of course, Taylor Swift basically living her best life. While it's unclear where exactly the video takes place, we do see foreign neon signs while Taylor is walking through a city (not to mention Taylor also partying on a dope yacht and enjoying fireworks, NBD), so we can assume she's not living it up in the USA for this film. But there was something in the video that actually held a secret message, and it was undoubtedly placed there for a reason. Taylor Swift's Juice Box in the "End Game" video depicts words from the katakana alphabet, which is often used in Japanese culture. So hold up. A secret message? On a juice box? Taylor, you think of everything.

While you only catch a small glimpse of the juice box, it's definitely apparent. We see Taylor sippin' from the colorful juice box right at the beginning of the teaser. Check out the video below and see for yourself:

So, what do the words on the juice box mean?

If you were thinking it held a really cool message just for fans smart enough to figure out the translation, sorry. I'm about to burst your bubble. The phrase on the juice box quite literally translates to "end game" which is a little bit deflating.

While it's not as awesome as some secret message that gives you a location to a secret Taylor Swift performance, it's still a pretty awesome detail to include. So props to you, Tay.

Regardless of what the juice box translates to, Swifties are still super pumped to see the full music video drop, because hello, it's Taylor Swift and she's been on a damn roll lately.

Fans took to social media, unable to contain their excitement:

(TSL is The Swift Life, Taylor Swift's phone app which hasn't really gotten the attention it truly deserves, TBH.)

Swift has had a pretty epic 2017 – November brought the release of her newest album, Reputation, the first we'd seen from her since 2014, alongside dropping two video gems for her songs "...Ready For It?" and "Look What You Made Me Do," which all proved that, yep, the old Taylor was dead.

In the old Taylor's place is a newer, bolder Taylor, and her music videos not only emphasize that notion, but reinforce the idea that an artist has the power to transform themselves over and over again. And our girl Taylor does it well.

If you need proof, maybe knowing that Reputation officially returned to number one on the Billboard charts, and, according to Billboard, might have risen back to number one because "it still likely benefited from last-minute Christmas shopping, as the chart’s tracking week included the final three days before the Christmas holiday on Dec. 25." Because honestly, who wouldn't have been asking for a Taylor Swift CD in their stocking?

While we don't know what other surprises Taylor will be gifting to the world this year, we hope that some include more new music video drops, featuring more celeb friends (I'd kill to see Selena or Karlie collaborate with Taylor in a video). Plus, we have her Reputation tour to get ready for, which, in case you missed it, Taylor might be joined by her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn for, so that's kind of adorable.

Either way, we know whatever Taylor is doing in 2018 is going to be remarkable. How do we know that? Please. Just look at her track record.

The new Taylor is doing the damn thing, and doing it well.