Here's How Tarot Can Help You Fall In Love, According To Experts

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If you consider yourself spiritually inclined, there are many ways of gaining insight on your love life and what's to come. One method can be tarot card readings. Tarot can help you fall in love in a way that's tailored to your specific needs and mindful of greater forces at work. . Sarah Shipman, a professional tarot reader and author/illustrator of the Our Tarot deck, says readings are "a lot like dream interpretation, except you’re awake the whole time."

With its origins in the Islamic playing card game Mamluk, a tarot card deck has 78 cards. They're split into a "minor" and "major" arcana. The minor arcana — the group of cards that answer questions about "minor" aspects of your life — has four suits. But instead of clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades, the suits are cups, pentacles, swords, and wands. Each suit will have cards numbered one through 10, with an additional queen, king, knight, and page. The major arcana — the group answering questions about "major" events or life changes — has pictures of concepts instead of the four suits. Examples of these cards are the Tower, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Empress. These cards are also marked one through 21, with the 22nd card (aka the Fool) marked zero.

So, how do tarot card readings work?
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Krystal Banner, another professional tarot reader and the author/illustrator of the Kaleidadope Tarot deck, explains that the cards work with the energy surrounding you. "Just like we can walk into a room and get a certain 'vibe,’ the cards pick up on the energy of our emotions, experiences, and surroundings," Banner says. "The reader uses their intuition along with images on the cards as cues and clues for additional details and information."

In practice, readings work like spiritual Q&A sessions. But you have to be particular about how you're posing your question to the cards. "Just about any tarot reader will tell you not to ask 'yes or no' questions — whether you’re getting your cards read by someone else or reading your own," advises Shipman. "Tarot cards don’t give 'yes or no' answers. They will show you a story playing out, or what kind of energies are affecting your situation. It’s better to ask 'what/how' or even 'why' questions."

Once you ask your question, the tarot reader will select cards from the deck. The number of cards varies from reader to reader, but readers like Banner will do a standard three-card spread.

How can the cards help you fall in love?
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Whether you've already caught feelings for someone or opening your heart up for a potential lover, the cards can be used for guidance. They're a sounding board, if you will. Banner recounts the many love life readings — "sometimes beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking" — she's done professionally. Her belief is that love readings actually allow you to learn about yourself, because every partnership is a mirror.

"They're usually a glimpse into what people are accepting and sometimes, coming from a non-biased point of view, they realize they actually don't want to accept that," Banner says. "Sometimes, [the cards] shed light on secrets or hidden information, and promote better communication. And sometimes, it's the push that someone needs to reach out to someone they have a connection with or walk away from something that isn't progressing."

A tarot card reading can be the enlightening nudge you need to switch up your approach to dating. That shift in direction might come as a complete surprise to you. Or it can be a change you quietly knew you needed all along — it's just the cards that drew it out of you. "Going back to the dream interpretation metaphor, I would argue that tarot cards often help us acknowledge the information we already know on a subconscious level. Our gut feelings and intuition are powerful," says Shipman.

There are a few reasons why you might not trust your intuition — trauma, gaslighting, or social expectations thrust onto your love life. "The cards can serve as affirmation for what you already know," Shipman says. "As well as a way to look at that same information from a different perspective."

What kind of questions should you ask?
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Echoing Shipman, Banner says, "I think the biggest benefit comes from avoiding 'yes or no' questions, and using questions that ask for more clarity, how something can be approached or achieved, or identifying current obstacles." Some questions you could ask the cards are:

  • What energy am I giving off?
  • What am I looking for?
  • What should I do about my crush's/my potential partner's behavior in XYZ area?
  • Should I move quickly or take things slow with the other person?
  • How compatible will the other person and I be in a romantic relationship?
Which cards are best when you're falling in love?
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Of course, some cards signify smooth sailing more than others when you're falling in love. Banner says the Ace of Cups, the Two of Cups, and the Lovers are cards that are great signs for budding connections and dating potential. For starters, the cups suit is all about your emotions, love, and intuition.

"The aces in tarot represent new beginnings and opportunities. So, the Ace of Cups can represent a new, fruitful beginning in love, a love offer, or something new that is based in emotion and has growth potential," Banner explains. So, say you're on the fence about re-downloading dating apps or whether you should make the first move in a flirtationship. Drew an Ace of Cups? Let that be the answer to the question.

"The Two of Cups is just as beautiful, since the two represents partnerships. This is an emotional connection between two people — a budding romance — and can also be a sign that you've met a soulmate or one is entering your life," Banner says. If you draw the Two of Cups, your upcoming vacation or move to a new city might put someone who's perfect partner material in your path. So breathe easy! Or, likewise, maybe have a (hot) friend that you're really hitting it off with lately and that you like the more you get to know them. See what happens when you water that seed.

And last but least is the Lovers card, which is exactly what you'd expect. "Since The Lovers is a Major Arcana card, this is a new partner or decision regarding your love life that can be significant," Banner says. "Any of these cards would be great signs that something new and emotionally fulfilling is coming into your life." Along with the Two of Cups and the Lovers card, Shipman name-drops the Sun card. The Sun signifies joy, purity, and all-around good vibes. If you draw this card and your crush already makes you feel warm and toasty, then you're probably on the right track.

Whatever answer the cards end up giving you, the best part is that you'll walk away from the reading with clarity. If not with new information, you'll be going forward with a fresh perspective on your love life — all thanks to tarot cards.

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