Target's Open Story luggage brand features easy-to-pack suitcases in different colors like gold and ...

Target's New Luggage Brand Is Chic, Affordable, & Ready For Take-Off

Having the proper suitcase with spinning wheels and built-in locks is necessary for an easy, safe, and super stylish trip. If you haven't already bought a new weekender bag or are in the market for a cute carry-on, then the pieces in Target's Open Story luggage brand will be for you.

What more could you ask for? A luggage set that is budget-friendly and will complement your airport look likely checks off all of your boxes. It probably makes you want to book more trips, too, to places where your new backpack can really upgrade your excursions and be part of your adventures. That's the thing about new travel gear: it's like picking up a new sports bra and pair of leggings for the gym. You become motivated and inspired to get out of the house, and turn your daydreams into real life.

Of course, your bank account can really be a factor in those daydreams, reminding you not to spend too much on lavish trips and luggage. That's where Target's new luggage brand called Open Story comes in. It's chic, affordable, and ready for take off, so you can travel with zero worries on your mind and a suitcase filled with amenities in your hand.


The Open Story luggage brand is set to hit stores on Feb. 9, 2020 and be available online on Feb. 13, 2020. The collection will include everything a traveler needs for their next trip from checked and carry-on luggage, to backpacks and packing cubes which help to keep things organized while you're on-the-go. In addition to those pieces, you'll be able to pick up a cosmetic cases, garment bag, duffel bag, and tote — amongst a few other items.

To say the least, Target has thought of it all with this collection. If you're heading to the city to see your best friend, it has a piece for that. Taking an international trip this summer? There's a piece for that — and it comes with amenities like built-in USB ports and 360 Hinomoto Silent Run® Spinner Wheels so you can dash to your gate with ease. Not to mention, each piece of luggage also has an expandability feature. This feature will give you 20% more space for your clothes, shoes, and more, according to the official press release from Target. (Over-packers, this is essential for you.)


On top of these incredible features, the collection also comes in the cutest muted colors to complete your airport #look. (Colors like violet, cedar, and wrought iron are limited edition and only available through Oct. 2020.) Target notes in the release that other colors will become available throughout the year, creating a large assortment to choose from.

Julie Guggemos, senior vice president and chief design office at Target commented on the brand: “Our guests find a lot of joy in traveling, and we’re thrilled that our new luggage owned brand offers them a high-quality assortment at Target-only prices, helping us fill a white space within the category."

The pieces in the Open Story brand will range from $19.99 to $179.99 in price, and be the most affordable and chic additions to your adventures. Ready for take-off? Always.