Sydney Sweeney's response to a tweet about her love life is so on point.

Sydney Sweeney Had The Perfect Response To A Fan Upset She Has A Boyfriend

Toni Anne Barson/WireImage/Getty Images

Euphoria actor Sydney Sweeney looks to be off the market, and one fan, in particular, tweeted their disappointment. The 23-year-old actor has been spotted out and about with a man in Hawaii, who many think is rumored boyfriend Jonathan Davino. But when a fan tweeted out about the actor's rumored new boo, Sydney Sweeney's response to the tweet about her love life came as a big surprise to fans.

After paparazzi photos of Sweeney and a man showing some pretty steamy PDA came out on Wednesday, Nov. 25, one fan took to Twitter to announce a premature end of the Thanksgiving holiday celebrations. "Sydney Sweeney has a man... Thanksgiving canceled," wrote the fan. When Sweeney saw the tweet, she tweeted back with a photo of her and a girlfriend before prom, alongside the message, "baby girl go have a feast. your girl at prom," with a winky face.

The photo appears to have been from Sweeney's high school prom, which was some time ago since she's 23. The photos of her and her rumored boyfriend looked pretty cozy, and they've reportedly been together for years. Nonetheless, the prom-pose photo is getting more attention from fans, as they're wondering if the response means Sweeney is a member of the LBGTQ+ community.

After seeing Sweeney's response, the fan tweeted, "so what she's saying is... I have a chance."

A ton of other fans tweeted out in reaction to Sweeney's photo, excited that she may have revealed an attraction to women:

After she broke the internet with her response, she was trending on Twitter and fans were all about her:

These fans just want a chance:

It seems like a major hint, although Sweeney hasn't said anything else about the exchange.

While Sweeney seems to be taken, fans can still look forward to tons of upcoming projects from her. She's starring with Halsey in a show called The Player's Table, which is slated to be the next teen drama phenom. It's based on the 2020 young adult novel They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman. Halsey and Sweeney are both slated to star in and produce the show, but it hasn't landed at a network as of publication.

Sweeney will also continue on Euphoria when production resumes for Season 2 of the show. Meanwhile, you can watch Sweeney in her Amazon Prime flick Nocturne, which debuted in October 2020.