Playful One-Pieces Are The Official Swimsuit Of Summer 2018 & They're Hot AF


By now, you've probably perused every story there is about summer 2018 trends. Considering there are only a mere 43 days left until spring is finally over and the scathing temperatures are upon us, it's diligent, if not simply flat-out smart to start building your 95 degree wardrobe. Here's a refresh of what you should be looking for: strappy heels (preferably the rainbow variety), playful co-ords (because not all matching sets look infantile, I promise), hand-painted denim (make your jeans a masterpiece), and '80s-inspired silhouettes (totally rad, baby). In short, summer 2018 is all about the loud, bright, and unexpected... and swimwear trends are no different.

Let's be real — bikinis will never not be trending. They're sexy, allow for tummies to get tanned, and come in an array of silhouettes and looks that are so creative your personal style can still shine through. Although, this summer, one-piece swimsuits are also trending, but not in their usual, expected way. While traditional one-pieces are certainly still cool (I'm talking spaghetti strap, leotard-style), other iterations of the suit have been popping up that will give bikinis a run for their money. From those with cutouts and ruffles to those with one strap and a metallic finish, one-pieces are cooler than ever before. And when you take into consideration the fact that they won't fall off when you dive into a wave, there's no reason not to buy one.

Dress 4 The Vacation U Want

I'm a sucker for retro-looking graphic tees, so this Havana one-piece is right up my alley. The little flamingo motifs are super cute with a kitschy vintage edge and I love the bubblegum shade of the swimsuit. You could just as easily wear this to the beach as you could to a bar when paired with cutoffs.

Cold Shoulder

This suit is a bit of a trompe l'oeil thanks to its one-shoulder silhouette and triangular proportions. While it would make for some less-than-desirable tan lines, it's beautiful blue color and unique design are totally worth it.

Cat Suit

Leopard is another one of my favorite prints and I think subtle ribbing on swimsuits gives them a cool, luxe feel. So naturally, I am all about this swimsuit. It also features a straight-across neckline a la '50s glamour (Brigitte Bardot was a fan of the style) and an otherwise simple silhouette.

Sheer Genius

When subtle mesh paneling is done right, it's so, so good. Used on this swimsuit to create unique stripe effects, it adds touches of sexiness and elevated design. The buckle detailing on the strap further ups the ante, as does the deep-V neckline. A winner, for sure.

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Another swimsuit that could be worn as a body suit, this black one-piece is both versatile and unique. The snap-up front lets you get as flirty with it as you want, while the low back and singular parallel strap adds a sporty design element.

Boxed In

Gingham print plus little shoulder bows equals one cute suit! The dropped sides of the suit add a flirty hint.

Mellow Yellow

If strap tan lines are your arch nemesis, consider this strapless one piece suit. It features a twisted tie design on the bust as well as a triangular cutout that gives the illusion of it being a top and high-waisted briefs. It looks comfy, practical, and appropriately bright for summer.

Welcome to the Jungle

This suit certainly has fun and games! There's so much going on here but it all somehow works seamlessly together. From the leafy print to the red stitching to the sporty straps and everything in between (like a midriff baring cutout), this suit is ripe with awesomely unique design details.