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Stella Artois' Virtual Hotel Experience Will Bring A Luxe Vacay To You & It's Free

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Your summer vacations may have been abruptly canceled this year, but that doesn't mean you need to sadly shuffle around your home without a single good vibe in sight. Stella Artois is teaming up with some of your fave celebrities to bring a totally luxe vacation, complete with fancy meals, wakeup calls, and unique excursions to you — and it's entirely free. Stella Artois' "Hotel Artois @Home" experience is already booking a few guests via its portal, so read up on the exciting details below.

You'll want to put yourself in the running as soon as possible for a once-in-a-lifetime reservation that includes a myriad of fun deliveries to your front door and celebrity appearances. Although you may have enjoyed a Stella Artois or two this summer during your virtual happy hours with a BFF, nothing is quite like this vacation package, which doesn't require any real planning on your part. That's a dream in itself, and if you're the type of traveler who dreads tracking down plane tickets at an affordable price and rolling your T-shirts and jeans so they fit into a tiny carry-on bag, then this experience is even more for you.

Let's start with what your itinerary will look like, should you snag a spot with "Hotel Artois @Home." Spoiler alert: There's a lot of vacay vibes that are potentially coming your way, as well as luxe activities you can't score anywhere else. Sip your chilled Stella Artois and imagine yourself in this dreamy scenario, if you're lucky enough to score it.

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It starts like this: You wake up to a welcome package sitting at your door that's been delivered courtesy of the brand and their contactless service. You bring the check-in package inside and it includes your personalized itinerary for your at-home vacay, a complete mini bar with treats that remind you of your favorite hotel, and a custom care package. From the get-go, you're feeling like a guest at a five-star property who could probably walk up to the concierge and land a yacht ride with moment's notice.

The MVG — Most Valuable Guest — vibes continue with a special wakeup call from American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter Liev Schreiber. You might recognize the sound of his voice immediately and spring out of bed, where you're on a caffeine kick thanks to your usual morning coffee. Of course, if you're all snuggled up with your pillows and sleeping in as one does on a vacation, you won't miss out on this part of the experience. Schreiber will call you again and make sure you're ready for the day with his now in-character call.

From there, you'll start your day of personalized experiences with a very well-known concierge: Blake Griffin. With the NBA player's help and list of impressive connections, you'll be able to participate in excursions such as a cozy and intimate yoga session with your SO, a delicious mixology class, or a caricature portrait session, as noted in the official press release. These excursions will make you *actually* feel like you're on vacation. When those activities are all done, you'll get an incredible meal delivered to your door, courtesy of Eva Longoria.

The American actress, director, and activist will collaborate with chefs in your city prior to your "stay," according to the official press release. She will make sure they can recreate her signature dish, which draws inspiration from her aunt's Arroz Con Pollo recipe. It'll then be delivered to your door so you can enjoy it while it's fresh and hot.

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The "Hotel Artois @Home" experience will wrap up with high tea. But, it won't just be you and your bestie, roommate, or SO in attendance. American talkshow host Andy Cohen will be joining you for sips and lots of juicy talk. The virtual one-on-one may include celebrity secrets, or a little gossip from your fave television shows. Round out the experience by sipping a Stella Artois during your conversation — although, that part is not required.

To say the least, you'll walk into your kitchen the next morning in total bliss, just like you normally do after a relaxing vacation. To get your name on the reservation list for this one-of-a-kind experience, head to the booking portal at Here, select reservations set for Sept. 2, 2020 will occasionally open up, which you can potentially claim now through Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020. Although it's super spontaneous as to when the portal opens up for its potential guests throughout the day, if you're one of the first people to try and reserve a spot, you'll score the "stay."

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To find out when the portal opens, you can either continuously check your laptop or try to get some hints. Simply head to Twitter and follow @StellaArtois. They'll be tweeting out chances for you to use the hashtag #HotelArtois and receive hints in return. Don't forget to check out the official rules to see if you are eligible to win a reservation. (You must be 21 years of age or older in order to enter.)

Don't wait another second to head to that link. That portal will be closing at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 21, 2020. Of course, if you aren't able to book this "stay," you can always plan a luxe vacay of your own at home. It can include sitting by a kiddie pool in your backyard, ordering dinner in, and sipping on Stella Artois.