This Spindrift Lemonade review fills you in on taste, price, availability, and more.

Spindrift Is Launching New Lemonade Seltzer Flavors That Are Summery AF

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Spindrift is about to get your tastebuds ready for summer. The sparkling water brand is bringing a brand new unsweetened sparkling lemonade line to the shelves soon, and although the three flavors sound like the perfect summer sips, you can drink them all year long. If you're curious about the new citrus-forward line, this Spindrift Lemonade review covers taste, price, availability, and how it compares to the OG sip.

While you likely have a go-to sparkling water, Spindrift's new sips might be what you need if you're ready to dive into something new. The brand made its debut in 2010 and stands out from the crowd by including "real squeezed fruit," per the company's website. In some great news for fans of variety, this lemonade release marks the first time the company is dropping three new flavors at the same time, according to an email from the company to Elite Daily.

Spindrift announced its three new lemonade flavors on Monday, Feb. 15 — Lemon Limeade, Pink Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade — and they'll immediately have you dreaming of summer. The new sips are joining the 11 other flavors from Spindrift, which include Pineapple, Raspberry Lime, Lemon, Lime, and more.

If you're already dreaming about sipping the Spindrift Lemonades, here's everything you need to know about the citrusy sips.


Each of the sparkling lemonades, which are described by the brand as "unsweetened sparkling lemonade water," have 1 gram or less of sugar, letting the fresh juice flavor come through.

Courtesy of Spindrift

According to Spindrift, the Strawberry Lemonade is made with lemon and lime, as well as ripe strawberries. Elite Daily editor Collette Reitz got an early taste and immediately noticed the citrus flavor. "There's a very strong lemon flavor when you first sip it. You get a hint of strawberry as you keep drinking," says Reitz. As you sip, you'll notice "it's not sweet at all, almost a little on the tart side," and the "traditional lemonade flavor" shines through.

As for the Lemon Limeade, which the company says has a touch of lime, Reitz says, "There's a very lime-forward flavor on the first sip. The overall taste is very citrusy. It's not as tart as the Strawberry Lemonade, but it's definitely not sweet." She adds that the carbonation and the addition of lime, make it a fun twist on a traditional lemonade.

Spindrift's Pink Lemonade, which Reitz didn't taste, is described by the brand as a "version of the pink drink with crushed cherries and raspberries, a touch of sweetness, and balance of bubbles."


The Lemon Limeade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Pink Lemonade Spindrift flavors will hit the shelves nationwide in single-flavor 8-count packs at Target and on Spindrift's website (which sells its sips in 24-count packs) on or around March 8, 2021.

Courtesy of Spindrift

The brand also has plans to expand its availability to Amazon in April 2021.

Those in Spindrift's Drifter community will be able to grab an exclusive 6-pack sampler of the flavors for free, while supplies last. You can sign up to be a "Drifter" for free.


The Spindrift Lemonades will sell for $5.99 at Target for a 8-count pack of 12-ounce cans, which is the same as the original Spindrift sparkling waters at Target.

How Spindrift Lemonade Compares To The Original

Overall, there's a slight difference. According to Reitz, "Both of the new lemonades I tasted definitely bring the citrus flavor, but the secondary flavor in the Strawberry Lemonade is somewhat subtler than the original Spindrift flavors, which really pack a fruit-forward flavor punch."

If you're a fan of a lemon-forward flavor (with a twist), you'll definitely want to give these new sips a try.

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