Small Packages' break-up box features tons of colorful amenities like face masks, chocolate, a mug, ...

This Break-Up Box Hooks Your Long-Distance BFF Up With Chocolate & The Works

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If one of your besties has ever been through a break-up, then you know a few things are #necessary: chocolate, face masks, and quality time spent together. That's the recipe for healing from love gone wrong — whether that love is a year-long relationship or a date that had potential. Unfortunately, though, life might not always allow you to be there for your bestie in tough times. Small Packages' break-up box is a solid substitute, treating your long-distance BFF to the works.

A box like this one takes that very real dilemma and hurdles over it, so you can lift your bestie's spirits up from miles and miles away. It brings the good vibes to your BFF's apartment — filling their room with inspirational words, fresh aromas, and a personalized card. Although it might not totally mend their heart, it'll leave the memories of their ex and tear-worthy playlists behind and encourage them to look toward the future.

This sounds like a win-win, right? It's definitely a gift idea to keep in the back of your mind, should your long-distance bestie go through a tough break-up that you can't be there for. To purchase this break-up box, you simply have to head to Small Packages' website and choose what kind of box you want. There are three different options you can choose from, at three varying price points: $35, $50, and $100. What's included in each? Oh, the works.

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Let's start with the $35 break-up box. This package includes a chocolate bar made of dark chocolate and candied ginger, sticks of Palo Santo that your friend can burn to cleanse the air in their room, Kokostar under-eye patches, and a food hair mask. When your long-distance bestie opens this box, they can expect to find a Tattly temporary tattoo as well, that'll fill their desire to do something ~wild~. Next to all of these goodies, there will be a handwritten letterpress card with a message from you.

Small Packages will ask you what you want the card to say when you're curating your box, and then write it out by hand to add a very personal touch to this perfectly-timed present. Once the break-up is all said and done, and your BFF has moved onto bigger and better things, this item will still be something they cherish and want to keep forever. They may decide to frame it or tuck it into their mirror so they always know there's someone rooting for them in the "real world."

Lucky for you, this card and all of the $35 break-up box amenities are included in the $50 and $100 boxes as well. If you choose the $50 box, then you'll also be gifting your bestie a sweet collection of inspirational essays by Cheryl Strayed, called Tiny Beautiful Things. In addition, your best friend will receive an 11 oz. mug and a bag of artisanal tea they can enjoy while reading those motivational words.

If you select the $100 box, then you're really sending your BFF the works. Everything is included, from the masks to the mug, and topped off with a comfy tee that reads, "Phenomenal Woman." To say the least, this box will get your bestie through their break-up and make them think, "Wow, I have the best long-distance bestie."

Small Packages

Of course, if you want to be there for your person during the other big moments in life but can't hop on a plane and show up IRL, then there's a box for that, too. Small Packages has a parade of adorable gifts for every occasion, from when your BFF announces they're going to have a baby, to when they're celebrating their birthday, or battling the flu. Keep them and their thoughtful amenities in the back of your mind so you can always treat your bestie to the works.

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