A couple poses for a selfie while wearing white robes and hanging out at a spa.

This Spa's Hot Chocolate Treatments Are Made For A Date With Your SO


Some couples love to spice things up for Valentine's Day. They might dress up and check out a lively new restaurant in the city, or cover their couch in roses and get their "Netflix and chill" on. Other couples may check into luxurious spas for massages, facials, and cucumber water. Haven Spa's hot chocolate treatments are made for these couples and anyone who's looking to have a sweet time this Feb. 14.

These treatments are #fire and also really beneficial for the both of you. When you're relaxing in the spa, you'll likely feel the rich ingredients doing wonders for your skin, mood, and love story. Your SO will be nearby, soaking in the bliss. Together, you'll experience what it's like to be scrubbed with melted chocolate, and totally immersed in the aromas of the dessert necessity. You may not want your date to end, or you may book another session where you can soak in a mini chocolate bath.

Believe it or not, these chocolate treatments are good for your body and soul. The chocolate nourishes and hydrates your skin, according to Haven Spa Esthetician, Hanna Naranjo. It's also a huge mood booster, which is one of the reasons why you might check out of the NYC-based spa with a smile on your face. "Chocolate is rich in vitamins and antioxidants," Naranjo tells Elite Daily via email.

Haven Spa

Naranjo notes that chocolate is a versatile ingredient and can be used in "almost any spa treatment." If you're trying to make a chocolate treatment at home, you can combine it with sugar or salt to create a body scrub. In addition, you can mix clay and cocoa to create a detoxifying mask. If you want to make a moisturizing face mask, Naranjo noted mixing yogurt with cocoa powder will do the trick. Of course, you can also check into a spa where chocolate treatments are trending in everything from scrubs and wraps, to your traditional pedicure.

Haven Spa has three treatments, in particular, you can participate in. On this Valentine's Day when you're looking to spice things up, these sweet treatments will be the perfect experience to share with the person you love. The first of these treatments is a Molten Chocolate Body Scrub ($100). It lasts for 45 minutes, and includes a warm cocoa scrub. During this time, you'll feel a detoxing chocolate mask get spread over your back, as well as a heated whipped chocolate body butter. You'll leave the spa feeling like a #snack.

The second is the Hot Chocolate Haven Hand Renaissance ($40 for traditional lacquer or $55 for Shellac). Like its name suggests, this treatment takes your typical manicure to the next level. It last for an hour and brings your hands through a chocolate-infused trip. The spa will start by exfoliating your hands with a chocolate scrub, and then will massage them with a chocolate mousse creme. After soaking in all the moisture, they'll warm in a chocolate mini bath. Finally, you'll get your nails painted with either a tradition lacquer or Shellac.

Haven Spa

The final treatment you can participate in is very similar, but for your feet. Called the Hot Chocolate Haven Foot Renaissance ($80 for traditional lacquer or $95 for Shellac), it treats your feet to the facial they've always wanted. You'll soak them in a chocolate salt bath, and let them get massaged before getting treated to a sweet pedicure. This treatment includes a hot chocolate drink if you want to take your sweet day to an even dreamier level.

This foot facial lasts an hour. All treatments can be booked by contacting Haven Spa and scheduling an appointment. Act fast because Valentine's Day — aka the sweetest day of the year — is right around the corner.