This Is The Kind Of Role Play You Should Try In Bed, Based On Your Relationship Status

by Candice Jalili

If the Spirit Halloween stores popping up on every corner and the influx of Facebook event invites to spooky-themed parties hasn't tipped you off already, Halloween is right around the corner. What does that mean? Well, for starters, it means trick or treating and parties and carving pumpkins and drinking like you're still in college (or, if you're still lucky enough to be in college, it means an eight day long drinking marathon). But, more importantly than anything else, it means that it's time to DRESS UP IN YOUR FAV COSTUME. A SKYN Condoms Survey found that Millennials love dressing up... even when it's not Halloween.

I know what you guys are all thinking. "But, Candice, WHEN ARE PEOPLE DRESSING UP OUTSIDE OF HALLOWEEN? Is it a theme party? It it a spirit day at school? Is it a small child's birthday party?!?!? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?" Considering this is a survey conducted by a condom company, let's get our heads in the gutter here, people. I'm talking about role play! I know at first thought, "role play" sounds like something old marry people try to spice things up in the bedroom, but the Skyn Condom survey found that role play isn't just for old boring couples. No, millennials are all about it and, more importantly, even millennials who aren't in relationships are big fans of getting dressed up in the bedroom.

In fact, the survey looked into exactly what sort of role play people prefer when it comes to their relationship status. Even if you haven't given the whole role play thing a go yet, take a look at these suggestions and pick a role play scenario to play out based on your relationship status.

If you're single...


Just because you don't have someone you call BAE doesn't mean you can't enjoy some good old fashioned role play. (I didn't mean for that to rhyme, but it happened, so I guess we've just gotta go with it.)

Next time you take a random home from the bar, maybe try out a student/teacher role play scenario. According to the survey, the scenario is a favorite amongst 11 percent of singles. If your fellow singles are enjoying it, why shouldn't you?

If you're in a casual relationship...


So you're in one of those in-betweeny "we're not calling it a relationship but we regularly have sex and their phone number is most definitely going to pop up in my most recent call log if I open my phone right now" type situations.

Well, don't fret, you're not alone in your relationship status. There are plenty of people in "casual relationships" like yours that are actually using role play to spice up what I'm sure is already a spicy relationship, considering all of the ambiguity and drunken sexual encounters that comprise the bulk of your time together.

The favorite role play scenario of people in casual relationships? The survey found that 12 percent of people in these types of relationships liked to play stripper. So grab some heels and a G-string and get to work!

If you're in a serious relationship...


Whether the two of you have been together for over a year and are "the couple" of your friend group, or you two love birds have said your nuptials and fully intend on spending forever together, the fact of the matter remains that you, my friend, are in what I would categorize as a "serious" relationship.

So what sort of role play should you go with? The survey found that nine percent of people married and committed relationships enjoyed playing nurse and doctor as their go-to form of role play.


In addition to the difference in preference based on relationship status, the study also found that men and women have different favorites when it comes to their go-to role play scenario. While school girl was the most popular for men (12 percent), Fifty Shades of Grey was the most popular with women (10 percent).

Just a reminder, all of these scenarios are up for grabs for any of you, no matter what your gender or relationship status. Do what sounds like the most fun to you and your partner!

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