The Actual Sex Toys From 'Fifty Shades Darker' Are Here For Your BDSM Pleasure

by Candice Jalili
Focus Features

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" series is coming back at ya next year with the "Fifty Shades Darker" movie, and the trailer looks sexier than ever:

I know, I know... I'm sorry I showed that to you and got you all riled up at work, only to find that it doesn't even come in theaters until next year. UGH.

But don't worry, E. L. James has got a little present for you to help keep you entertained in the meantime.

The series' author has brought all of the kinky, weird, wild, hot sex toys from the book to life with the "Fifty Shades Darker" sex toy collection.



Literally every item in the collection is mentioned in the book at some point.

No, seriously, scroll through this list and find the toys, along with the excerpt from the book series where Ana and Christian get fuh-reaky with them:

At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps


At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps, $20, Lovehoney 

“Christian releases first one and then the other clamp, causing my nipples to sing with a surge of sweet, sweet painful feeling.”

Carnal Promise Vibrating Pleasure Beads


Carnal Promise Vibrating Anal Beads, $45, Lovehoney

“I hear a very faint click. Instantly the plug inside me starts to vibrate — down there! I gasp. The feeling is extraordinary — beyond anything I've felt before.”

Oh My Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator


USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator, $100, Lovehoney 

“The feeling is so exquisite. What I've been waiting for after all his teasing. Oh the fullness, this feeling... I groan and arch my back off the table.”

Release Together Rechargeable Love Ring


Release Together USB Rechargeable Cock Ring, $75, Lovehoney

“My fingers are in his hair, twisting hard, holding him to me. He grinds his body into mine, imprisoning me, his breathing ragged. I feel him.”

His Rules Bondage Bow Tie


His Rules Bondage Bow Tie, $19, Lovehoney 

“He removes his bow tie and uses it to quickly bind my wrists so that hands are tied behind me, resting in the small of my back.”

Adrenaline Spikes Metal Pinwheel


Adrenaline Spikes Metal Pinwheel, $19, Lovehoney 

“He runs the wheel over my palm. “Ah!” The prongs bite into my skin — there's more than just pain. In fact, it tickles slightly.”

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