Should You Kiss In The Snow Or Freezing Cold At The End Of A First Date? Or Avoid It Because Of The Weather?

You know that quote that keeps popping up on Pinterest, "If snowflakes were kisses, I'd send you a blizzard"? Well, it got me thinking about every time I've seen a TV couple kiss in the snow. It always looks like a fairytale or something out of a dream. To be honest, it seems even more romantic than a kiss in the rain because you're not immediately wet and gross and you probably look super cute in your winter jacket and boots, anyway.

Even near-kisses in the snow are adorable like in Netflix's latest original holiday movie A Christmas Prince. Undercover journalist Amber (played by Rose McIver) and the future king of the fictional country Aldovia (played by Ben Lamb) share an intimate moment in the snow after falling over one another during a snowball fight that's almost as perfect as the post-engagement kiss they share in the snow-lined streets of New York City one week later. This movie did not hold back on the holiday-themed clichés and I can't say that I mind.

As a Caribbean native and now South Florida resident, I've never had a passionate kiss in the snow at the end of a magical, wintery date. And the Hallmark Channel consistently manages to make me feel pretty crappy about it (thanks a lot, guys). Still, I have some concerns about what I prefer to think is a mythical occurrence. Is a kiss in the snow even something that happens in real life? Is this practical and easy to execute? Is there any preparation involved? And, on that note, aren't your lips chapped? Why aren't you more worried about catching a cold? And, most importantly, is it worth it?

As it turns out, art really does imitate life. Several people confirmed that kissing in the snow is as magical as it looks on TV and that, if the mood is right, sub-zero temperatures definitely won't get in the way.

This is a woman with a plan.

If you want to kiss someone, just kiss them! Weather be damned. It doesn't have to be a long, passionate, outdoor make-out session (that might be awkward for bystanders, anyway). And hey, if you're a 'passionate make-out session or bust' kind of gal, why not invite them inside to warm up?

- Genevieve, 24

This guy is into it as long as his partner is, too.

If I've gotten to the stage where I'm ready to kiss the person and I feel that they're on the same page, I always go for a kiss at the end of a date, regardless of the weather. Some girls are worth it.

- Gerard, 26

Rain, sun, or snow, this woman always goes in for the kiss.

It is always worth a few extra minutes in the cold for a kiss. It's super romantic and those few moments of happiness are worth the few moments of discomfort in the cold. Since I live in Boston, I'm used to the cold and having to bundle up, so if I'm already warmed up, I don't mind. I almost always kiss on the first date and I tend not to let the weather stop me. The most romantic kisses I've ever had have been in the snow or rain!

- Jen, 23

This guy is asking the right questions.

Is a kiss ever not worth it?

- Jon, 26

This woman thinks a kiss is just what you need in the snow.

A kiss can warm you up! It's way more romantic in the snow.

- Isabel, 21

Ultimately, I think this person has got it figured out.

You don't plan a kiss.

- rtcw

The best kisses are the spontaneous ones that sweep you off your feet — and, yes, a blanket of snow helps to set the mood or whatever (forever jealous). Obviously, I've been missing out on some major romance in my life. Don't mind me while I spend the next couple weeks singing along to that Ariana Grande song where she begs for a snow day in Southern California for her and her bae.

If you're debating whether or not to lean in for a kiss at the end of your ice-skating date, it's safe to say you shouldn't let the weather hold you back. Who knows? Maybe your kiss in the snow will lead to blizzard sex. Certainly, no complaints there.

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