7 Blizzard Sex Craigslist Posts That Will Make You LOL The Next Time It Snows


There's something about a blizzard that kicks your brain back into a state of childlike glee — except instead of hoping for a day off of school, all you want to do is snuggle up with someone hot. Or, if not that, then at least read hilarious blizzard sex Craigslist posts written by other people on the hunt for their own personal snow bunnies. At this point, it's basically a time-honored tradition: When the weather forecast calls for a snow storm, people get horny, log onto Craigslist, and request for companions to plow snow together and get plowed.

Whether you're only looking for a laugh or actually seeking inspiration for your own blizzard booty call (get it, girl), these posts from snow storms past are all pretty brrrr-illiant.

Honestly, this guy has so much going for him.

— via Thrillist

This guy wasted no time getting to the point.

— via NYMag.com

These girls are so Team Aidan.

— via Nerve

Ugh, this pun. So great.

— via The Daily Dot

This actually sounds really romantic.

— via Huffington Post

This guy threw in his Netflix password, which feels really serious to me.

— via CNN

This girl just wants to have a good time.

— via The Gloss

Who's praying for snow?

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