Despite Mars Retrograde, These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week

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Thanks to Virgo season, you've probably spent the past few weeks rethinking your day-to-day routine and reconsidering the habits that you live by. It's not uncommon to start healthier diets or workout regimens during Virgo season, and if you used its energy to dive into self-improvement, pat yourself on the back. However, Virgo season does have the tendency to turn you into a perfectionist, and if you're ready for a change, you're in luck, because September 21, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs, and it has everything to do with Libra season.

The sun enters Libra on Sept. 22 at 9:30 a.m. ET, launching the autumn equinox and a new beginning. Autumn represents the steady descent into the darkness of winter. The seeds that were planted in the spring blossomed in the summer, and in autumn, you are meant to harvest the fruits of your labor. This is a metaphor for everything you've been working hard to achieve. Summer was a lively, energetic time filled with creation. During autumn, you get to bask in the success of everything you've accomplished and accept a process of steady release. This is preparing you for the cold and barren winter, where you will hibernate and embrace a deep spiritual transformation, which will eventually culminate into the rebirth of spring. Not only is the cycle of the four seasons never-ending, it's also the cornerstone of Western astrology.

If you were born with your sun or rising sign in Gemini, Libra, or Scorpio, this transition will feel like a balm to your soul. Here's why:

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Gemini: You're Finally Starting To Feel Creatively Inspired Again

Do you suddenly feel like reaching for your paintbrushes? How about reading a romance novel? Or following along to a fun dance workout on YouTube? Prepare to feel as though you're brimming with fun ideas, because this week, the sun enters your fifth house of creativity and pleasure. This transit will take your inner child out for a ride, giving you permission to play around and be silly. Life is too short to take things so seriously all the time, so quit worrying about things in the future and mulling over memories from the past. Live in the here and now. It's too beautiful not to.

Libra: You're Coming Out Of Your Cage And Doing Just Fine

You're coming out of a strange and dreamy slumber, Libra. You've spend the past month insulating yourself in spirituality, meditation, healing, and rest. In fact, you may have even spent a lot of time in solitude. Well, now that Libra season is about to begin on Sept. 22, you're changing your tune. You want to be seen, so get out and be seen. You've done a lot of inner work and you've worked through your ego. Now, you get to reap the rewards by embracing an emboldening and empowering confidence. Spend this week loving yourself, because everybody else loves you too.

Scorpio: Your Brain Is Bursting With So Much Power And Potential

Whoa, is that a lightbulb flashing above your head? It definitely is, Scorpio. You're coming up with genius ideas and fascinating things to say and it's all thanks to the fact that Mercury is moving into your zodiac sign on Sept. 27. You want your voice to be heard, so speak your mind and don't let fear prevent you from saying what you want to say. Write down your thoughts, get to know yourself on a deeper level, and show off a little. You know you're feeling sharp and intelligent, Scorpio. Why would you ever want to hide your light?