The Week Of September 14 Could Be A Little Rocky For These Zodiac Signs

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Although the astrological energy surging through this week is edgy and unpredictable, there is strengthening and stabilizing power supporting you throughout it all. Virgo season can be an incredibly anxiety-inducing and overwhelming time, as it encourages you to think about all the tasks you should be doing and all the ways you may be falling behind. After all, Virgo gets its reputation for constantly overanalyzing for a reason. Even though September 14, 2020 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs — Aries, Libra, and Aquarius — they will overcome it and they will realize how resilient they truly are. The proactive and productive qualities of Virgo will also help them get through it.

The most discomfort will likely come from the fact that Venus — planet of love and friendship — will square off with erratic and electric Uranus on Sept. 15. This could create discord in your relationships, as they rely on mutual agreement and commitment. However, this transit will induce everyone with a desire for independence, potentially leading to both partners expectations not being met.

Luckily, this experience will likely leave as fast as it arrived, because there is so much holding together what is meant to last. The sun is forming a trine with deep and transformative Pluto on Sept. 14, encouraging intimacy and loyalty through all odds. When the sun forms a trine with stable and serious Saturn on Sept. 17, you will feel inspired to lay down the groundwork for something you will not lose interest in; something that will not fizzle out. A new moon in Virgo arrives on Sept. 17, allowing you to turn over a new leaf and make peace with what you cannot change while you focus on what you can.

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Aries: You May Have Difficulty Finding Motivation To Get To Work

Mars retrograde is underway and no one is being affected by it more than you. This is because Mars is literally in Aries, which means this chaotic and frustrating energy is landing directly on your sun and/or rising sign. This could be sapping all your energy and making it difficult to find the passion to actually be productive. It may even lead to conflicts and moments of anger that could have been avoided had you given it some more thought. What this experience is doing is helping you come to terms with the way you deal with tough times. You've got this, Aries.

Libra: You're Realizing All The Spiritual Healing You Need To Do

You may feel a wave of emotion cresting upon you this week, Libra. You work so hard to remain carefree and unbothered by all the grievances you've had. It's what makes you so charming and diplomatic. However, just because you're not thinking about your pain doesn't mean it's not still there, wedged deep within you. If you're feeling a lot of feelings, that means it's time to finally feel it. Acknowledge what hurts and allow your heart to feel validated. Talk to someone you trust. Let it all out. It's a weight that's about to be lifted off your chest.

Aquarius: You're Working Through Relationship Blockages

You may be experiencing relationship difficulties this week, Aquarius. You may find that you just want to do your own thing, leading you to putting space between yourself and others. However, it may feel as though others are doing exactly the same thing to you. With a new moon in your eighth house of shared resources, you're feeling quite sensitive, and you might crave intimacy just as much as you fear it. You're learning how to work through your relationship blockages and accept the love you know you deserve.