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September Will Feel Heavier Than Usual For 3 Zodiac Signs

by Valerie Mesa

If your first thought upon reading this is "wake me up when September ends," you're not alone. This month will be action-packed with transits — some heavier than others — so it's no wonder September 2020 will be the worst for those with personal placements in Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. While the upcoming transits seem to be more challenging for the air signs, the rest of the zodiac signs will also experience the effects firsthand.

September kicks off at full speed with a mystical full moon in dreamy Pisces on the second day of the month, followed by Mercury's shift into charming Libra on Sept. 3, and Venus' big debut in Leo on Sept. 6. It's always interesting to observe the energetic shifts that come with both Mercury and Venus transits. In Libra, for instance, the messenger god will intellectualize situations with a justice-seeking mindset. Mercury in Libra is highly focused on the equality of both parties, which makes it an ideal transit for negotiations and compromise. Venus in Leo will add a little something extra to relationships, as the planet of love prefers the royal treatment when transiting through Leo's fixed fires.

Warrior-like Mars will station retrograde in Aries on Sept. 9 until Nov. 13, which will challenge you to reevaluate your levels of assertion and decide what's actually worth fighting for in your life. Lucky Jupiter goes direct in Capricorn on Sept. 12, which always comes with a nice pick-me-up, followed by the new moon in Virgo on Sept. 17. Just in time for a new beginning, the sun will shift into dazzling Libra on Sept. 22, the autumnal equinox, followed by Saturn direct on Sept. 29.

Knowing what's in store for the month of September, here's why it'll more than likely be a challenge for air signs:


Gemini: You're Feeling Pressured In Your Professional Life

Don't be so hard on yourself, Gemini. Getting through the first half of September will be the most challenging and even then, there's nothing to fear. With the sun in Virgo shaking up your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation, you could feel the need to go inward and perhaps spend time with your loved ones. It doesn't hurt to take a step back for a little this month, especially with the full moon in Pisces igniting your career sector. If something in your professional life isn't brought to your attention during this time, then something needs to be acknowledged and/or adjusted. Luckily for you, your planetary ruler, Mercury, will be in Libra, and this will automatically caramelize your powers of persuasion. Use your words wisely.

Libra: You're Reevaluating Yourself And Your Relationships

Your birthday season is around the corner, Libra. With the sun igniting your secretive 12th house of closure, spirituality, privacy, and all things behind the scenes, you will be feeling a lot more introspective than usual. This usually happens right before your solar return, so it's a season of reflection and release. Aggressive Mars will also retrograde via your committed seventh house of compromise, negotiations, and one-on-one partnerships, which could suddenly have you revisiting past confrontations and passionate scenarios. So whether it be with a friend or an ex significant other, this is an opportunity for you to stand up for yourself and what you truly believe in.

Aquarius: You're Being Scrupulous About Your Sex Life

Your ego doesn't exist this season, Aquarius. At least not for the first half of the month. With the sun igniting your auspicious eighth house of intimacy, death, transformation, and shared resources, everything about what you give and receive — or the lack thereof — will be highlighted during this time. The full moon in Pisces will bring closure and clarity to your pleasure-seeking house of possessions, finances, and self-worth, so don't hesitate to take a step back and remember who you are. Jupiter and Saturn will station direct in your secretive 12th house of spirit, and these two planets will begin to shed light on some of the unconscious patterns you still need to liberate yourself from. Take a deep breath and trust the process.