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The Emotional Meaning Of August's New Moon Is All About Opening Your Heart

by Valerie Mesa

Just days before the sun concludes its transit through its festive sign of rulership, Leo, it will join forces with the moon and create a supercharged lunation in the same sign. Vanishing into the night sky on Aug. 18, the emotional meaning of the August 2020 new moon is all about opening your heart. Unique, expressive, and charismatic, it's no wonder Leo is governed by the majestic sun, which also happens to serve as the center of the universe.

This may seem hard to believe, considering Leo's flamboyant essence and larger-than-life personality, but everyone has Leo somewhere in their birth chart. The astrological house governed by majestic Leo in your birth chart is typically where you have the most audacious presence and pride. But the fundamentals of Leo go much deeper than the glitz and glam. Leo is where your divine light shines the brightest, so you can probably imagine the potential of the upcoming new moon in Leo. In addition to its celebratory vibe, this lunation will be activated in the latter degrees of Leo, meaning your new beginning will more likely revolve around something you've already done before.

Keeping the Leo themes in mind, August's new moon will not only focus on completing something you've already begun, but also catapult you forward in order to start something new. Either way, Leo comes alive when you're feeling your most confident and authentic, so open your heart to the new beginnings headed your way. Step into the spotlight and don't think twice about having fun. Be the light.

New Moon In Leo: Aug. 18, 2020 At 10:41 p.m. ET

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During a new moon phase, the sun and moon meet in the same sign and on the same side of the earth, which explains the darkness. In Leo, this lunar phase brings forth a clean slate and its darkness is symbolic of renewal. Leo is the birth of authenticity; it represents the conscious self. It's where your heart recognizes your consciousness, and where you combine your personality and soul energy in order to radiate love. It's the development of the ego and realization of the self. This fixed sign's solar fire is associated with the soul and a higher mind.

Sitting at exactly 26 degrees Leo, this new moon is bestowing you with the necessary courage to embrace love, both within and all around you. Leo also governs the heart center, so if there's a part of you that needs healing or has healed over time, these feelings may very well resurface . How have your relationships evolved? More importantly, how has the relationship you have with yourself evolved? Are you nurturing the people around you with love and warmth? Mercury the messenger will also conjunct the new moon, sitting 2 degrees apart in the same sign.

Even more incredible — Mars, the planet of aggression, energy, combat, war, and red-hot passions, will make a harmonious trine with the sun, moon, and Mercury in Leo, all while transiting through Aries, its sign of rulership. This invigorating, energizing, and action-packed aspect will evoke the sacred masculine energies within you, ultimately inspiring you to take the necessary action you need to in your life.

In addition to the fiery alignment between the sun, moon, Mercury, and Mars, the new moon will also sit in harmony with the North Node in Gemini. This is powerful, especially since the North Node is what guides us forward, both personally and collectively speaking.