Earth Signs Will Have The Best Week Of September 14 & They're So Blessed

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If you've been feeling stagnant and stressed out as of late, it's really no surprise. You're going through some pretty harrowing astrology and it's perfectly normal to feel like you're carrying the world on your shoulders. However, there are always glimpses of beauty even in the darkest of times and astrology never leaves you without a paddle. While everyone will feel steadied by what the planets have in store this week, September 14, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. If you're lucky enough to have your sun or ascendent in an earth sign, you should keep your chin up. Help is on the way.

No matter how you shake it, the pressure is definitely on. Mars — planet of conflict, aggression, and war — is retrograde, bringing every resentment to the surface and diffusing all your stamina. Even though you may feel quick to anger or frustrated by the way nothing is moving fast enough, the cosmos are helping you make the best of it.

The Virgo sun forms a trine with Pluto — planet of reincarnation and transformation — on Sept. 14, proving that no matter how hard life gets, you can always bounce back. It's true, sometimes difficulties leave behind deep scars, but when Pluto is concerned, these scars are just proof of how resilient you are. This week, Pluto will help you climb away from rock bottom. Later, when the sun forms a trine with sturdy and stabilizing Saturn on Sept. 17, you'll feel the ground beneath you begin to solidify, helping you stand strong in the middle of a storm. Saturn will help you make wiser decisions and make sacrifices for the sake of a better future.

If you happen to be an earth sign, you'll love it most of all:

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Taurus: You're Experiencing Enough Joy To Transform You

Tap into your creative power, Taurus. Whether you consider yourself an artist, embracing your artistic qualities makes you human. This week, creative endeavors have the power to transform you. Participate in something that allows you to connect with wonder and enchantment. This could mean painting a picture of a sunset, writing a romantic poem, or going for a night swim. As long as you're letting your inner child take over the wheel, you're doing it right. No matter what you may be going through, creativity will set you free.

Virgo: You're Overcoming Obstacles And Going The Distance

You're thinking deeply about the person you'd like to become, Virgo. You have vast potential, and this week, you're coming to terms with what you have the potential to accomplish. Maybe you've been feeling complacent or perhaps you've been going down the wrong path. Whatever it is, you're getting a clearer idea of what your destiny is and where you're meant to be going. This week, you'll receive a lot of support and a boost of motivation that will help you make moves in the right direction. You're experiencing a positive turning point.

Capricorn: Your Perspective Is Shifting For The Better

What have you been focusing on, Capricorn? Maybe you've been obsessing over something that's bringing you negativity. Perhaps you've been stubbornly clinging on to an idea that you've long outgrown. This close-minded perspective is leaving you unaware of all the opportunities that surround you. It's time to embrace the idea that maybe everything you think you know is wrong. There's no need to let your ego stand in the way of this development. If you open your eyes to the truth, imagine all the beautiful things you could do with it.