Scooter Braun Finally Talked About Buying Taylor Swift's Old Label


Scooter Braun has finally broken his silence surrounding his controversial acquisition of Taylor Swift's former music label... kinda. You see, Scooter Braun's statement about buying Big Machine Records doesn't really address his feud with Swift. He sort of skirts around it. So, what did he really say? Well, read on for the juice.

Braun is the latest cover star on Billboard Magazine along with his new business partner, Big Machine Records CEO Scott Borchetta. In the interview, released July 25, Braun, who manages literally the biggest names in music (like Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande) opened up about the deal that rocked the music industry to its core. If you recall, when the music manager purchased Big Machine Records, he also acquired Swift's backlog of pre-2019 music, which didn't sit well with her. So, she penned a Tumblr post accusing Braun (and a few of his clients) of bullying her. And then, the industry began to take sides. Bieber called out Swift in an Instagram post. Then Halsey posted a message of support for Swift on Twitter. Then, Swifties called out Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes for not saying anything. Then, Braun's wife got involved, telling the 'ME!" singer to "leave [her] fans out of this and have an open discussion. Tumblr can’t fix this. A phone call can.”

Things got messy, OK?

So, basically everyone spoke out, except Braun. Naturally I thought he'd use this moment to address the controversy. But, no. Rather than speak on the Swift drama, Braun touched on the potential impact of the $300 million partnership. Yep, you read that right. $300 million.

"[The deal is] the first move of many in building an ecosystem that allows artists to go after their dreams," explained Braun on how his management service will work with Borchetta's music label. "Scott runs an incredible company, and we're trying to build an artist-first environment and — in a climate with a lot of players — get the leverage we need to help our creators go after their dreams. By combining what Scott had with what we had, we feel like we’re in a unique position to fight the good fight."

Oh, speaking of fight, Braun actually got around to mentioning Swift by name, but it was only to recall the first time he met Borchetta (in June 2010) who had signed the country-pop star five years prior. In fact, that evening, Braun's longtime client Justin Bieber had just opened for Swift on tour.

So, did he subtly throw all. the. shade? Sorry to disappoint, but his story about Swift was actually quite civil — if not underwhelming.

"Our stories were similar,” Braun said about his now-business partner. “Everyone at Big Machine — Taylor was kind, Scott was kind — everyone was kind to me and Justin when we were doing that show, and you don’t forget those things. I never forgot that, and we started a friendship."

And now, a $300 million music venture with some drama on the side. There's no clear word from either party whether there's been any sort of resolution between Braun and Swift. Though, I have a deep-rooted feeling that this measly mention is all we are going to get folks. Better luck next interview.