Another Dude Made A PowerPoint On A Dating App & Twitter Is Pretty Impressed

Some people will stop at nothing to get quality matches on dating apps. Changing your pictures to reflect some kind of theme, making your bio a little wittier, or changing your settings to attract a larger pool of people are all good options, but Sam Dixey’s PowerPoint on Tinder truly takes the cake. The 21-year-old from Nottingham, England, got a little creative and created an actual PowerPoint presentation about himself. You remember PowerPoint presentations, right? What you made in fourth grade about things like rocks and the Civil War? That. That’s what he made.

The presentation, appropriately titled, “Why you should SWIPE Right," included slides about various topics, from “Things I enjoy doing” to “Other notable Qualities and skills.” He included photos and created “totally real” reviews from people whose names you’ll probably recognize, like Donald Trump and "Leonardo Di Capri Sun." Other noteworthy facts about Sam? He "owns a Netflix account," he's "generous when drunk," and he's "not the worst at sex." Not too shabby!

He then made these slides his Tinder photos and changed his bio to “Please refer to the PowerPoint above ^ Version 2.0 currently in development.” You’ve got to give it to him — this dude is clever. His humor caught the eye of 19-year-old Gracie Barrow, from Middlesbrough, who swiped right and took screenshots of Dixey’s profile, posting them on Twitter and captioning them, “A genuine 10/10 effort from this lad.”

"Initially the idea start [sic] off as a bit of a joke between me and a mate, both saying we'll create a PowerPoint having seen some similar ideas online," Dixey tells Elite Daily. "In terms of general reactions, they tend be [sic] sort of compliments on the PowerPoint and sometimes saying it made their day which is always nice to hear I guess!"

The tweet, posted on Feb. 17, has amassed over 27,000 retweets and over 115,000 likes. People on Twitter are pretty impressed, and TBH, I don’t blame them. It was a good shot!

Some people had genuine advice for Barrow about what her next steps should be.

Others were complimenting Dixey on his effort.

And some were pining over Dixey themselves!

"I can agree with the people that said it made their day, cause it did mine too!" Barrow tells Elite Daily. "It's really nice to see loads of people thought it was a funny as I did!"

It was hilarious, especially because it’s rare to see something that creative on a dating app! Once you’ve been swiping for a while, the profiles tend to start blending. Dixey’s strategy definitely made him stand out. But although his effort is definitely admirable, he’s not the first guy to try his luck with PowerPoint presentations.

In January 2017, a then-20-year-old guy named Max created a PowerPoint for his profile, too. He stated his many talents and all the things some people (his mom included) like about him. Whether or not he scored any dates from it is unclear, but at least he put himself out there! Back in August, Ben Velzian sent his date a (very cute) PowerPoint full of unique activity options they could do on their first meeting. People on Twitter loved it, but Velzian’s date was a jerk and blocked him. Sad. And over the Holidays, one girl gifted her sister a PowerPoint presentation filled with top-notch date candidates she found from a Tinder account she used in her name.

Conclusion: PowerPoint is the dating tool we never knew we needed. And in case you were wondering, Dixey and Barrow did, indeed, match. "We haven't met yet but we're thinking of planning something soon!" says Barrow.

Who would’ve thought? Their grade-school technology teachers would be proud.

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