This Guy Made His Date A PowerPoint Of First Date Ideas And Somehow Still Got Dumped

by Candice Jalili
Marko Milovanović/Stocksy

When it comes to flirting, I am all about a little creativity. I mean, telling me "you're cute" rebutted by a less-than-riveting "no, you're cute!" is not the most mind-numbingly boring conversation of all time. So, yeah, you could say I'm always looking for new and creative ways to make flirting less boring.

If you're wondering how you bump your flirting creativity to the next level, my new idol Ben Velzian has found the perfect way to do just that. What did he do, you ask? Well, you see, Ben created a first date PowerPoint.

And Ben Velzian's first date PowerPoint blew every other flirting method you've ever seen right out of the water.

It all started when his date asked if he had any suggestions for places to go on a date.

And, boy, oh, boy, did Ben have PLENTY of suggestions.

When I say plenty of suggestions, I really mean plenty. Ben sent three fully fleshed out date ideas, complete with lengthy pro/con lists.

If you were wondering if it worked out for Ben... it didn't.

Yep, he literally blocked him on WhatsApp.

But not to worry. Everyone on Twitter agrees Ben's date was an idiot.

Ben thinks the rejection could have been more related to his lackluster presentation.

But TBH, it's clear this guy was a total dud.

Turns out, he's not even the only one who's used this whole PowerPoint maneuver!

Solidarity, dude.

So where do I stand on this whole matter? Well, I think a PowerPoint presentation is literally the BEST idea I have ever heard and would strongly urge everyone and anyone to work silly PowerPoints into the early stages of the dating process to weed out any dud losers before things get too serious.

I mean, are you trying to date someone who doesn't find a PowerPoint presentation like this hilarious (and not to mention EFFICIENT)? I know we're all thinking the same thing here: NO FREAKING SHOT WE WOULD DATE A BORING, HUMORLESS, INEFFICIENT DUD LIKE THAT.

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