Desperate Girl Makes Detailed 'Why You Should Date Me' PowerPoint For Tinder

by Harley Tamplin

What's the secret to getting so many right swipes on Tinder, you don't know what to do with yourself?

Maybe it's the perfect pouting mirror selfie. Maybe it's the post-gym pic, showing off your bulging guns. Or maybe you need to find the most adorable puppy in the world and take a selfie while cuddling it.

In fact, that's a great idea, regardless of whether or not you have Tinder.

But 19-year-old Grace has a different tactic altogether: She constructed a brilliant “Why you should date me” PowerPoint presentation that's both hilarious and detailed AF.

Yes, haters will criticize Grace for being "desperate." But screw them: The girl knows what she wants.


The student told she was inspired by a guy who did a similar thing on Bumble. She added,

I thought it was really unique, so I decided to use the same format, but with my own reasons. Normally I get people who say things like 'your profile is so funny' or 'that's super creative.'

Listen up, young men: Judging by her profile, there are loads of reasons why you should be going all out to make Grace your bae.

For starters, she's probably way funnier than you are.


And don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to both date her AND hang with your bros. She isn't clingy at all.


She's pretty much GF material.



And in five years, she will (possibly) become a Victoria's Secret model.


Form a line, boys.

Grace added that – apart from a few laughs – her creative profile hasn't been a complete success so far.

Nothing else really comes out of it. I have met a few people who shared my sense of humor, so that's pretty cool. I've had some good conversations come out of it.

What this means, of course, is "Why you should date me" Bumble guy and Grace are 100 percent destined to be together.

If they're ever within 30 miles of each other, the world had better watch out.