Clever Guy Puts PowerPoint In His Tinder Profile To Convince You To Swipe Right

by Jamie LeeLo

Online dating platforms are arguably today's most available avenues to show your personality, creativity and artistry.

It's no surprise that online daters strategize and agonize over what to include in their bio, which profile picture to make and how "hilarious" they want to be.

There are so many variables that go into getting a "swipe right," how can we possibly ensure we get out all the need-to-know info as succinctly as possible?!

Well, don't worry. Max of Tinder fame has you covered.

Max, 20, created a PowerPoint for his Tinder profile to ensure he got all the need-to-know, key incentives out about himself and his personality. The title of his presentation? "A PowerPoint Explaining Why You Should Swipe Right."

Take notes, everyone.

Here are some of my favorite highlights:

First, he is multitalented (one of his talents being excellent PowerPoint maker).


We also know he must be a great singer and have great hair because his mom and Bill Clinton think so.

And If Bill's in, I'm in.

Second, he has a dog. Definite perk.


He has a dog AND a turtle. HellOOoooo, can you say exotic?

Third, he has loads of neat characteristics.


You can tell he's cool because a) he says so, and b) he posts his friendship and follower stats to prove it.

Over 700 Twitter followers and 300 Facebook friends?! Who is he, Ariana Grande?!

And sure, while he doesn't explicitly mention his biceps, he does make sure they are heavily featured across multiple slides. Which, to be fair, probably deserve more page real estate.

Lead with your best assets, Max! Your turtle, THEN your biceps, THEN your Facebook fame.

No word on if Max is still single and ready to mingle, but we DO know he is an aspiring DILF, so we can rest assured his exquisite charm, stunning looks and biting sense of humor aren't going anywhere.