15 Prompts To Put In Your Tinder Bio To Get Way More Interesting Messages

by Annie Foskett

I have a favorite line to use on dating apps. I've most certainly written about it before, and I'm waiting for the day that someone on an app tells me, "Someone just used that line on me." (JK, I don't have that reach. Yet.) End of build-up: it's, "Pizza or tacos?" Not a life-changing question, but I enjoy it because it's a hard choice to make, and everyone has an opinion about it. While I use it as an opening line, it works as a dating app profile bio too. Great Tinder bio ideas that prompt responses are, unsurprisingly, often questions.

The way I see it, there are three major questions to ask yourself before crafting your Tinder bio. First, is it engaging? Is your bio an invitation to chat or express an opinion on a particular Black Mirror episode? Awesome. Is it a question you'd actually like to know people's responses too? Excellent.

Second, does your bio represent yourself well? Does your Tinder bio capture your vibe at least somewhat accurately? You don't need to curate your 500 characters exhaustively, but why include a David Bowie lyric if you're not really a David Bowie fan? Be yourself, because everybody else is taken, you dig?

Third, is your bio just a series of emojis? If yes, then edit that sh*t immediately. I mean, do whatever you want because I definitely should not be telling you how to live your life. However, if you are looking suggestions on how to obtain more interesting responses from your dating app matches, unless you are some emoji wizard, usually a line of text works better ( a sprinkling of emojis is fine). Here are 15 unsolicited recommendations for use at your discretion.

1. "Next trip: Japan or Australia?"

Even if you have no such plans to take a vacation of this scale, it's a fun hypothetical to get the people involved.

2. "What's the weirdest city you've been drunk in in the U.S.?"

I have to give my BFF credit for this one. From Accident, Maryland to Chicken, Alaska, the responses can be pretty entertaining.

3. "Where's your favorite slice of pizza?"

An iteration of my beloved, "Pizza or tacos?" the answers to this one will be informative, if nothing else.

4. "How many friends do you think I have?"

This abstract, slightly self-deprecating line is sure to attract matches with similarly bizarre senses of humor.

5. "What's the last thing you ate?"

Because everyone's got an answer for this.

6. "If you haven't run a marathon, message me."

No shade, but like, why does everyone and their mother run marathons these days?

7. "What's your favorite condiment?"


8. "What kind of bagel can fly?"

Dumb jokes for the win. Oh, and it's "a plain bagel."

9. "Where can I take you out on our first date?"

I feel like if I saw this on a man's profile, I might take it as presumptuous, but something about a lady owning her power and asking a partner out via Tinder bio feels just the right amount of 2018.

10. "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?"

A line from The Graduate that is also flirty and a question. Do this.

11. "Can't decide what to Seamless. Plz advise."

Again, mention food and you'll invite lots of conversation.

12. "5'2. Don't work for Google. Looking for someone lazy and who never showers so I don't feel inadequate. Please inquire below."

Honesty can truly be the best policy, plus, anyone with a decent sense of humor will detect your pseudo-sarcasm.

13. "I can show you the world."

Shoutouts to Aladdin are bound to rouse some responses.

14. "No, I will not give you my Snapchat before a first date."

Because WHAT A RANDOM TREND THAT WHOLE "SC: [Insert Handle Here]" trend is. Attract like-minded people from the get-go.

15. "Dislikes: dogs, beer, and the outdoors."

More sarcasm that is bound to attract some trolls, but hey, you wanted engagement right?

There you have it. I must admit that I have not participated in any kind of real-world trials with the above, so please report back if you have excellent (or terrible) results. No matter what, don't take your bio, or life, too seriously. Happy swiping.

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