Rachel Brosnahan With Blonde Hair Looks Nothing Like Mrs. Maisel, But She Does Look Marvelous

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Okay, did someone forget to mention that it's unofficial "Go Blonde" season? Jordyn Woods just started rocking her icy platinum wig, Mindy Kaling played an April Fools' prank that had me wanting her blonde IRL, and even Bella Hadid returned to her dirty blonde roots. Who will be next, you ask? One look at Rachel Brosnahan's blonde hair should answer your query. The star of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ditched her chocolate locks for a light, warm look no one saw coming, and TBH, I almost didn't recognize her. I always pictured Brosnahan as a brunette for life, but this is just proof she can be more versatile with her look, and I'm totally obsessed.

Is it just me, or do other people also tend to associate celebrities appearances with the first movie or television show you saw them on? For example, when Julianne Hough decided to become a redhead, I could hardly believe it: Ever since I had first seen her on Dancing With The Stars she'd been blonde, and so I couldn't fathom anything different. That said, I loved her red hair, but I was also happy to see her eventually return to blonde locks. Order was restored! Who knows is Brosnahan has gone blonde for a role, a weekend, or for life, but I'm here to say I'm a fan of the 'do, despite the fact that I never saw it coming.

Here's Brosnahan's signature look, featuring her deep brunette strands:

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Here's her hair all done up for her role as Mrs. Maisel. Such a great look:

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Now, here she is photographed at the Broadway opening of “What The Constitution Means to Me," looking blonde as can be:

The word "marvelous" has never seemed so fitting. Who, I ask you, is that strawberry blonde stunner? Brosnahan, of course, and this shade of blonde suits her perfectly. It's neither icy nor ashy, but rather warm and slightly reddish, which also means it's the perfect transitional shade to opt for when starting from super-dark brown locks. No bleach damage here, people! Just a gorgeous new look.

Rachel, if you're reading this, please post a selfie. I need more photos!

Get this: Would you believe this woman was blonde at birth? I know. Per StyleCaster, apparently Brosnahan told Us Weekly that she's a natural-born blonde, and I feel bamboozled. “Blonde is my natural hair color, but I started dyeing it dark when I was 16," Brosnahan told Us Weekly in 2018, adding, "I feel more myself with dark hair.”

Me, trying my best to process this new information:

Can we pretty please have an episode in which Mrs. Maisel wants a new look, and goes to some gorgeous, lavish 1950's hair salon and comes out strawberry blonde? I'm sure it would give her some great material for a standup routine! No word yet on why exactly Brosnahan decided to go light, but if it is for a role, I need answers. Until then, I'll just patiently wait until she posts her first blonde selfie, so I can throw it a like and comment my praises.