Meghan Markle and Prince Harry pose with their son Archie.

Prince Harry's Update About Quarantining With Baby Archie Will Brighten Your Day

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After leaving the U.K. and spending time in Canada, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have settled down in Los Angeles. Of course, baby Archie is with them too, and the three family members are currently quarantined together in their new L.A. home. While some may be on family time overload during quarantine, Prince Harry feels just the opposite. Prince Harry's quotes about quarantining with Baby Archie are so heartwarming.

Since stepping back as senior members of the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been quiet about their personal lives. But if there's anything that gets them excited to share with the world, it's a charitable cause.

While on a video call for the charity WellChild, Prince Harry chatted with parents in the U.K. who are caring for children with serious illnesses. In addition to hearing from them, Prince Harry shared a little bit about what his day-to-day has been like.

Prince Harry says he and Meghan are keeping up "positive" vibes at home. “There’s a hell of a lot of positives that are happening at the same time and being able to have family time, so much family time, that you almost think, ‘Do I feel guilty for having so much family time?’” he said.

“You’ve got to celebrate those moments where you are just on the floor rolling around in hysterics," he continued. "Inevitably, half an hour later, maybe a day later, there’s going to be something that you have to deal with and there’s no way you can run away from it.”


Harry then went on to praise the parents on the phone call who have been working tirelessly to care for their children under quarantine.

“The resilience and the strength that you guys have is absolutely incredible,” he said. “You must never, ever, ever, ever forget that. Of course, there are going to be hard days. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it is for you guys.”

Prince Harry became a patron of WellChild in 2007, and has attended their annual awards in the fall each year since. Most recently, the organization set up a resilience fund in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Overall, Prince Harry kept things light on his phone call with the charity. “Having one kid at 11 months old is enough!” he said as he continued his praise. Little Archie may be the light of Harry and Meghan's life, but it sounds like they've got their hands full for now.

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