Here's What Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Body Language This Morning Reveals About Their Love

by Candice Jalili
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I remember the moment I knew my friend was going to dump her long-term boyfriend. She hadn't mentioned anything to her friends about her being unhappy with her partner yet, but one night, when we all went out, it was painfully clear — and it was all in their body language. Believe it or not, your body language with someone can tell a lot about how you feel about them. And especially for couples who we may not know a lot about, body language can come in handy. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's body language, for example, tells us a lot about their love.

This Monday, March 12, the royal couple attended a church service at Westminster Abbey in honor of Commonwealth Day. People reports they were accompanied by other members of the royal family, including but not limited to Prince Charles; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Prince William; Kate Middleton; and Queen Elizabeth herself. While we've all read about and heard many interviews in which the couple saying how in love and happy they are with each other, I commissioned the help of two body language experts to determine if the couple's body language on Commonwealth Day lives up to their totally-in-love hype. (Spoiler: It does.)

Read along and see what the experts were able to pick up from pictures of the two at this event.

They're Completely In Sync
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"These two are in sync," says Traci Brown, body language trainer and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence. "See how they've got a similar look on their face, [and their] heads are turned the same way, and their hands are doing the same thing? They're feeling the same emotions and thinking the same things, because where the body goes, the mind follows." Based on this photo and others she's seen of Harry and Meghan out together, Brown concludes, "They're a true team whenever we seem them in public — a perfect match."

Meghan Is Totally At Ease In The Spotlight
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Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When looking at the pictures of the couple entering the Westminster Abbey grounds, Brown first notes Harry's right hand grabbing onto his blazer. Apparently, this isn't the first time he's done this.

"We see Harry with his trademark half-hand inside his coat, just above the button," she explains. "He does this whenever there are cameras around to soothe himself. "

Standing in stark contrast to his shyness around cameras is his bae, Meghan. Brown wonders if this is because having Harry by her side makes her feel comfortable. "Meghan, on the other hand, doesn't need soothing — is having Harry there all she needs? She's calm, cool and collected," she says. "She's not trying to outshine anyone, just being a member of the royal group."

They're Happy Together
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The first thing Brown assesses from the above picture is that it's not like the meet-and-greets that we typically see the couple in. "We see that this isn't a meet-and-greet," she asserts. "We've seen that both Harry and Meghan are comfortable reaching out to whomever is around them, and we don't see that from them here."

Again, this photo asserts how totally in sync and in love the couple really is, according to Brown. "They're likely looking at the same thing and experiencing the same emotions about it — their body language is similar with hands in front offering a little soothing," she says. "It's so fun to watch them on the same page and tight as a couple."

"I love how close they’re standing to one another, and that’s, to me, the strongest part of this particular photo," adds Patti Wood, a body language expert who holds a BA and MA in Body Language and Nonverbal Communication, "And the fact that they’re both smiling."

Cheers to the happy couple! Looks like they really are totally and completely perfect for each other.

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