Popeyes' 2019 Ugly Holiday Sweater has the Popeyes'Chicken Sandwich on it, so you can wear your fave...

Popeyes' First-Ever Ugly Holiday Sweater Is Covered With Chicken Sandwiches

Courtesy of Popeyes

Ever since Popeyes released its now-famous chicken sandwich in August, fans have been along for the ride. Now, Popeyes' Ugly Holiday Sweater combines the seasonal tradition with the chain's sell-out menu item, so you can make the sandwich the main event of all of your holiday parties. And let's be honest, you'll score major bonus points if you also bring along any of those famous chicken sammies to share.

This is the first time Popeyes is offering an ugly holiday sweater for the season, and what's more perfect that using the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich as inspiration? Since the beloved chicken sandwich got so much attention during 2019, Popeyes teamed up with to create this gem. Wearing one of these limited-edition sweaters might just make you the life of the party.

Available to order while supplies last as of Wednesday, Dec. 11, the Popeyes' Ugly Holiday Sweaters feature a bright holiday red around the neck and sleeves, some snowflakes and pine tree designs, and the iconic orange and white brand colors of Popeyes. But it's hard to ignore the images of Chicken Sandwiches ~casually~ thrown into the mix. To order one, go to These chicken sandwich sweaters are available for $44.95, and they are made of a cotton and acrylic blend, with a knit to keep you cozy and warm — all the while literally looking like a snack.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater website offers free shipping over $40 for standard shipping within the United States, and the Popeyes' Ugly Holidays Sweaters are sold in a wide variety of sizes, too, so you should have no problem finding one for whoever you know who will totally lose it over this Louisiana chicken-inspired sweater. You'll also be able to get your Popeyes sweater by Christmas, since the site says that these chicken sandwich sweaters will be delivered on or before Dec. 20.

When it comes to the actual sammy, Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich returned to menus for good on Nov. 3, so you should be all set to enjoy on while wearing your ugly sweater. And if you stan this sandwich-inspired sweater, get ready to grab one fast, because if these are anything like the legendary Popeyes Chicken Sandwich first release, they'll be gone in a matter of days.