Pete Davidson & Cazzie David's Body Language Compared With Ariana Grande Is So Different

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You honestly haven't lived until you've spent way too much of your personal time trying to understand the personal decisions that celebrities make. Sure, it's not really any of my business, but I still find celebrity relationships fascinating, especially when they become an engagement seemingly overnight. Obviously, I'm talking about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. But, before those two got together, Davidson was with someone else, and that's why I asked an expert to analyze Pete Davidson and Cazzie David's body language compared to Ariana Grande and Davidson's now.

Unless you've been living under a rock since May, you probably witnessed the rapid rise of Grandavidson. But here's the lowdown, ICYMI: Davidson and David dated for about two years, starting in 2016. They seemed super in love and shared quite a few adorable photos together on social media. Suddenly, in May 2018, Davison announced that they had broken up, and just a few days later, rumors began to surface that he was dating Ariana Grande (who had just announced her split from late rapper, Mac Miller). After dating for a few weeks and before even verbally confirming their relationship, Grande and Davison got engaged. It was a lot.

So, what does a body language expert have to say about all of this? Well, as it turns out, "Pete couldn't be more different with each girl," body language expert Traci Brown, author of Persuasion Point, tells Elite Daily. "He's way more passionate with Ariana."

With Pete and Cazzie, things seemed off.
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Sure, Davidson and David dated for a while, had similar last names and shared a passion for comedy. But that doesn't mean they were meant to be. According to Brown, in this photo of the two in August 2016 attending the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe, they don't exactly look happy. Look at "how he has his and around her like they're buddies," Brown points out. "She's not that happy about it with barley a smile."

They really don't seem connected.
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Unfortunately, Brown doesn't seem convinced that these two are even really excited to be together. Of this photo of the two of them at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Brown says "He's slightly less happy as time goes on." Which, ya know, doesn't really sound all that pleasant.

It seems as though they were really growing apart.
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Then, in September 2017, at the after party for the Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 premiere, Brown senses a heck of a lot of distance between the two. In fact, of David, Brown says, "she barely wants to be there at all." Ouch.

Maybe they're better off as friends.
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Last, but certainly not least, David uploaded this photo of the two of them just weeks before rumors began to circulate that Davidson had started dating Grande. Her caption, "Bffs", might mean that the two were just friends at that point. "She's got her head on his shoulder, so she's showing a connection of sorts, like she's leaning on him or even trying to stay connected in some way," she says. "Both of them are just smiling with their mouth, not their eyes — which shows true happiness. They're matching each other which is what couples do when they're connected, but we're just not seeing the passion that we do from the pics with Ariana."

Davidson and Grande have all kinds of sparks.
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Simply put, when Davidson and Grande first got together, it was pure chemistry. When Brown saw this photo, she said as much, calling it "sexy" and "sizzling!!" I mean, she's not wrong.

There's also a balance of power.
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Of this photo Grande uploaded to Instagram, Brown says that their body language says a lot. "She's got control of him, with her hand on his chin," Brown says. "She's got that sexy look on her face. What guy wouldn't be happy with that situation?" Where Brown says Davidson and David were lacking, Brown suggests that Grande and Davidson more than make up for it.

Really, they just seem connected and happy.
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Finally, when Grande and Davidson attended the MTV VMAs in August, their love was clear as day. "See how they're looking each other in the eye?" Brown asks. "That's real intimacy. The sides of their bodies are stuck together. These two are tight!"

It is important to note that just because Davidson's body language with David wasn't as "strong" as his current body language with Grande, doesn't mean that they didn't feel love for each other. Their relationship was just as real as his with Grande is now. But it does go to show that people can be together for years and not truly belong together, whereas with others, when you know, you know, no matter how long you've been together. Ari and Pete truly seem like the real deal, and if their body language is any indication, they're in it for the long haul.

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