People Are Accusing Khloé Of Photoshopping Herself To Look Like Selena

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Khloé Kardashian's latest Instagram selfie is causing fans to do a double take. Since they've become so accustomed to her long blonde hair, they barely recognized her with a brown bob. In fact, fans are comparing her to another famous face: Selena Gomez. While some think it's just a coincidence, others believe it was totally intentional. Yes, people are actually accusing Khloé Kardashian of Photoshopping herself to look like the singer.

When Kardashian debuted in the spotlight on Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2007, fans knew her as a brunette. She rocked a variety of dark colors for years until 2012 when she began lightening her tips. From there, her hair only got lighter and lighter until she went full blonde in 2015. The color has become her signature style, so when she began changing it up again in 2019, fans were taken aback. In that year alone, Kardashian showed off brown curls, wavy white-blonde hair, and a blonde bob.

2020 has only been filled with more head-turning appearances from the star. In May, fans accused Kardashian of trying to look like her friend Malika Haqq, and in July, fans thought she resembled her sister Kylie Jenner.

Now, Kardashian has gone through another transformation in fans' eyes, because they think her short brown hair makes her look like Gomez's doppelgänger. On Wednesday, Aug. 19, Kardashian shared a selfie with her daughter, True, on Instagram, revealing her new hair style. Maybe it's the combination of her dark bob and bold red lips that's reminding fans of Gomez. "Mommy’s baby FOREVA!!!" Kardashian captioned the photo.

People are convinced Kardashian looks so much like the singer they even dubbed her "Khloé Gomez." Take a look at reactions to Kardashian's latest photo below.

Here's a picture of Gomez with her signature bob for comparison:

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Kardashian's comments section on IG was filled with as many confusing responses, including ones accusing her of Photoshopping herself beyond recognition. "That's not Khloé Kardashian" and "Khloé, is that you?" were just some of the things people wrote.

"Who is that on the right," one follower commented.

Instead of ignoring it, Kardashian responded with a hilarious comeback. "Your new step mother. Be nice or get grounded," she said back.

Despite what haters may throw at her, Kardashian is obviously able to brush off any criticism, no sweat.