Pedialyte Dropped A Sparkling Drink For Adults In The Most Millennial Move Ever

Finding hangover remedies has been a task plaguing humankind since the invention of boozy beverages. It truly does seem like a terrible punishment from the party gods to wake up the night after drinking feeling like you have the flu when you don't, which is exactly why it was such a blessing when some hungover genius figured out that drinking Pedialyte — you know, that electrolyte stuff for kids — can actually help. Look, it's certainly not a "cure-all," but if you've sworn by the Pedialyte trick in the past, then you need to check out Pedialyte's new Sparkling Rush Powder Packs.

These new cherry- and grape-flavored drinks are fizzy, packed with hydrating electrolytes and vitamins, and they're basically the perfect marriage between LaCroix and the hangover miracle beverage that is the original Pedialyte.

Now, sure, Pedialyte is considered a remedy for dehydrated little kids when they get sick. But the brand does indeed say right on its website that the drink is used to help dehydration and loss of electrolytes in all humans, large and small — that means you, too, my friend. Whether it's the day after an office happy hour that turned into a late night at the bar, or you're just feeling really yucky from a stomach virus or the flu, Pedialyte can be a good, easy way to get your body back on track. And now, it's sparkling.

The drink's online product description says it's a "fizzy way to quickly replenish fluids and electrolytes lost to dehydration," and honestly, I've never heard hydration sound so jazzy and fun.

Look, Pedialyte is by no means touting itself as a hangover cure. At the same, though, the brand does mention on its website that these beverages can certainly help to battle those wretched post-drinking mornings:

Truth is, there’s no magic potion to cure a hangover; the only way to avoid feeling terrible is to drink less. This doesn’t mean you need to “give-in” to feeling terrible and let it ruin your day. Pedialyte is not a hangover cure, but alcohol is a diuretic —which means the more alcohol you drink, the more you pee. And if you don’t replace the fluids you’ve lost, then even a couple of drinks at happy hour, or a few glasses of wine at book club, may lead to dehydration (which can contribute to you feeling extra terrible).

Bottom line: If you know you're dehydrated, regardless of what caused it, a drink like Pedialyte can help you and your body start to feel better.

An awesome added bonus with these new powder packs is their convenience: You can carry these babies around in your purse, maybe even in your pocket — it seems like the kind of thing that never hurts to have on-hand, you know? Plus, New Year's Eve is right around the corner, and I don't know about you, but those champagne headaches always get me.

According to Pedialyte's website, you can find the new fizzy powder packs at Target. You can also find them in bulk on Amazon, if you're really looking to stock up.