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Paris Hilton & Cardi B's Engagement Rings Are Almost Identical & Fans Are Obsessed


You know you're getting older when your celebrity icons start getting engaged. Church bells are ringing for my main girls Cardi B and Paris Hilton this year, and their diamonds are totally stunning. They're shiny. They're romantic. They're... really, really similar. Actually, Paris Hilton and Cardi B's engagement rings are practically twins. It's weird, but I think I like it.

It's no surprise both celebrities are rocking radically ginormous baubles, given their shared sense of "flare." Still, the similarities between their two rings are uncanny. Both diamonds are Pear Shape and surrounded by a bunch of smaller sparkles. The settings and bands are also sensational. If we didn't know these things were real, we'd guess they came from the bottom of a Cracker Jack box or from inside a gumball machine because their sizes are so unbelievable.

Hilton said "yes" over New Year's weekend on the slopes of Aspen, Colorado, when her boyfriend, Chris Zylka, got down on one knee. Her diamond is made of a whopping 20-carat stone which is surrounded by two carats worth of little diamonds. According to jewelry expert Michael Greene, Zylka designed it using Hilton's mother's ring as inspiration. Greene told People magazine,

Apparently, Hilton's ring is also worth around $2 million.


Hilton spread the good news with a series of pictures on Instagram with the caption:

There's also a hilarious proposal video that ends with Hilton gazing at the diamond, breathlessly saying, "Holy f*ck."

In Cardi's circumstance, she said yes to her boyfriend, Offset, during a Philadelphia Power 99 Powerhouse concert back in October.

In the proposal video, we see Offset get down on one knee while Carbi B jumps around in front of their massive crowd. It's... a whole thing.

Even though her ring is only (HAHAHA, ONLY) eight carats, it looks almost identical to Hilton's. Cardi B's engagement ring is also surrounded by smaller pink stones, and flanked by two medium-sized (HAHAHA, MEDIUM-SIZED) diamonds.

She shared the good news by posting a series of pictures and videos on her Instagram. One caption said,

Here is what the rings look like side by side:

I mean...

If these two rings aren't twins, they're at least related.

There's no news yet on when these women plan to get married, but it's safe to assume the wedding details will be spectacular. Maybe they'll plan their nuptials for the same day, at the same time, in the same place, and actually just marry each other.

Congratulations, one and all!

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