Oreo’s new Strawberry Frosted Donut flavor features two different flavored cremes.

Oreo Is About To Blow Your Mind With A New Cookie Inspired By This Breakfast Treat

Courtesy of Oreo

Get ready to upgrade your snack stash, because Oreo is set to release a brand-new flavor that tastes like a classic breakfast bite, sprinkles and all. Fans of the sandwich cookie can look forward to two different cremes in Oreo’s new Strawberry Frosted Donut flavor. You’ll want to mark your calendar for its release date because the doughnut Oreos might be your new favorite dessert (and breakfast).

Oreo announced its newest cookies on Wednesday, Jan. 6, and the brand’s first-ever doughnut-inspired flavor sounds like a dream with its double-stuffed creme and sprinkles. Inspired by the classic breakfast pastries, the package will feature a strawberry donut on an eye-catching yellow background. Inside, you'll find Golden Oreo cookies filled with two layers: one layer of pink strawberry-flavored creme with rainbow sprinkles and one layer of a doughnut-flavored creme. Drooling yet? I can't blame ya, but you’ll need to wait a little while to get your hands on a pack of these limited-time treats, because they won't hit store shelves until March 2021.

The Strawberry Frosted Donut cookies will sell for around the same price as the brand's other speciality flavors, which according to new cookie options available at Walmart as of publication is about $3.67 per package. So, you can expect a similar price for the new doughnut-inspired sweets sweets.

Courtesy of Oreo

ICYMI, Oreo has been on a roll with its new flavors. The new Java Chip flavor launched in August 2020 as a permanent addition, along with the return of the Chocolate Hazelnut, which first debuted in 2018. The brand also announced its limited-time Brookie-O cookie for 2021, as well as the brand's limited-edition 6-cookie packs of Lady Gaga Chromatica Oreo cookies in December 2020. TL;DR: There are plenty of new Oreo flavors to hold you over until March.

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