Oreo Finally Announced Their Mystery Flavor & Wow, It Was So Obvious

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Every time I go to the grocery store, I swear there's a new Oreo flavor sitting on the shelf intriguing me and calling my name. It seems like only yesterday that Golden Oreos were first released, making us forget everything we once knew about milk's favorite cookie. Now, Golden Oreos are pretty standard, and the brand has truly wild flavors like Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough, and Watermelon. In October, Oreo added to the collection with their Mystery Flavor, encouraging everyone who tried them to guess what they tasted like. This week, they finally 'fessed up, and their mystery flavor announcement proves everyone was right about the taste.

Leading up to the big reveal, lots of food publications took a stab at guessing the mystery flavor. Despite the fact that the cookie itself was rather inconspicuous — it looked exactly like a regular Oreo — Foodbeast reported that the "immediate tropical smell" gave it away before they even took a bite. The taste test confirmed their suspicions, and they proposed Froot Loops as the flavor. Delish also noted the fruity scent, but opted for Fruity Pebbles as their guess, pointing to a previous limited-edition Fruity Crisp flavor as evidence that Oreo might already have the ingredients on hand. They even sent some over to the Elite Daily office, and our editors reported that eating the cookies was "exactly like eating Fruity Pebbles."

And we were right! On Tuesday, Dec. 5, Oreo confirmed in a Facebook announcement that the mystery flavor was, in fact, Fruity Pebbles.

So what do we get for guessing the flavor correctly? Well, most of us just get the pride of being right, which is always nice. But someone out there who snagged a pack and entered the Oreo Mystery Flavor Sweepstakes is $50,000 richer. Hello, holiday shopping!

Oreo announced the competition in August, but the cookies didn't hit shelves until Oct. 9. Those who received them straight from Oreo were subject to some serious security clearance. The cookies came in a padlocked box, most likely to mask the strong scent that so many pointed out.

On the day of the release, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb solved a series of riddles in order to crack open the goods on NBC's Today Show. The two had some trouble unlocking the box, proving that Oreo means business when it comes to keeping the flavor under wraps.

Although Oreo has released a Fruity Crisp flavor in the past, these differ as the mystery flavor was only found in the creme filling. The brand decided to keep the traditional chocolate cookies on the outside, calling back to the old flavor, but with a twist. The combination of chocolatey and fruity means they're definitely worth trying for yourself.

Unfortunately — or fortunately, for my wallet and my New Years resolutions — Refinery29 reports that the Fruity Pebbles flavor will not be added to Oreo's regular lineup. However, you can still buy the limited edition Mystery Flavor while supplies last, even though the mystery has been solved. Why not bring them to a movie night and put your friends' taste buds to the test? Or better yet, bring them to a holiday party? Fruity Pebbles, fruitcake — same thing, right?

If you can't get your hands on them, have no fear. There are plenty of ways to try a new spin on your childhood favorite. This year alone, the brand released Peanut Butter & Jelly and Sweet Apple Pie flavors, along with a Mocha-flavored Dunkin' Donuts collab. That's enough to last all winter... maybe.

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