Oneika The Traveller's Tried & True Tips Are For Every Girl Who Seeks To See The World

Got a suitcase? The whole world is likely on your bucket list, and so far, you've probably only seen a bit of it. You long to travel on a consistent basis, and put roots in places abroad. For now, you're just hopping on planes as much as possible. Elite Daily had the opportunity to speak with international educator, writer, and travel enthusiast, Oneika Raymond, about everything wanderlust-related. Oneika the Traveller's tips, in particular, are exactly what you need before your next big trip. Travelers, like her, are continuously inspiring women to experience the wonders of the world.

Oneika reveals to Elite Daily she originally caught her travel bug when she studied abroad. She spent time in France, met people from countries she didn't even know were on the map, and was completely blown away. She began scheming and plotting how she could capture that amazing experience again. Once she started blogging, she gained a bit of an audience and started creating content from a new perspective.

Since the days when she studied abroad, though, Oneika's experience with traveling and the world have changed a bit. She fully immerses herself in the culture of each place — for example, wandering around a grocery store in Germany and learning about the lives of the local people. Traveling has proved to be more rewarding that way, and in my personal opinion, she's probably one of the pros. Elite Daily asked her all about her travels, and what tried and true tips she has for the girl who's looking to get out in the world as soon as possible.

What are some of Oneika's tips for packing?

Oneika the Traveller

When you've traveled as much as Oneika, you have some experience with suitcases and how to pack for a trip abroad. You've figured out how to see all of the sites, while still managing to save some money. It's truly much less stressful than you'd ever imagine, assuming you follow some of her tips.

As the host of the Travel Channel’s Facebook Watch shows One Bag and You're Out and Big City, Little Budget, Oneika knows that leaving behind a pair of heels is probably for the better, and that being flexible is key. When it comes to packing in particular, she tells Elite Daily. "I’m all about that one bag lifestyle. Whether you’re traveling for a week or a month, you should only pack seven days of clothing."

She mentions that most places have facilities for you to do your laundry, and that picking a color palette for your trip is essential. Neutral items can be easily mixed and matched, and your accessories should be just as versatile. She points out that a scarf, in particular, is always good to have on-hand, because it can dress up an outfit or even be a sarong for the beach.

What are some of Oneika's tips for traveling on a budget?

Oneika the Traveller

When it comes to sticking to your budget, keep it simple and easy. "Always be flexible with your destination and your dates," Oneika suggests. "Chances are, if you’re traveling to Europe in the summer, it’s going to be super expensive. Think about traveling to places in their off-season."

Nowadays, millennials skip out on brunch back home just to save money for a trip, and don't realize that some unexpected and beautiful places are quite affordable. The places you often see travel bloggers going to on Instagram are surrounded by islands and countries that are well worth your time. Oneika mentions that millennials, in particular, tend to travel based on the images they see on social media. Sure, countries like Mongolia might be a bit off the radar, but they're stunning just the same.

"In terms of traveling, in general, I think that people think that traveling is way more expensive and dangerous than it actually is," she tells Elite Daily. "The positive experiences far outweigh any negative experiences that I have had."

Oneika's additional tips include skipping out on hotel breakfasts that can add to the price, or at least stocking up on apples and oranges from the buffet so you have snacks for later. Sites like Groupon can have great deals abroad, and you can collect points on your credit cards that can later be used for travel.

What are Oneika's thoughts on traveling solo?

Oneika the Traveller

Traveling solo is, personally, something that's always been on my bucket list. But for some, the idea is totally overwhelming and seemingly unsafe. Oneika is a huge advocate for women getting out in the world on their own. It's all about being aware of your surroundings, at all times.

"I love traveling solo," she tells Elite Daily. Over the years, she's been to over 100 different countries (some solo trips, and others not), and has lived in places like France and Canada, and cities like Hong Kong and New York City. No matter where she ventures, she is sure to exercise caution and doesn't place herself in vulnerable situations.

"I’ve never felt that my gender has impeded me in terms of traveling, or that it’s affected my safety," Oneika continues. "I implement the same safety strategies abroad that I would at home." For example, she doesn't stay out really late at night, or hang in isolated areas.

Traveling solo can actually be really therapeutic and a form of self-care, especially for women. You're not tied down to what anyone else wants to do, and can learn a lot about yourself along the way. "I feel that women are pulled in so many different directions," Oneika says. "We can lose ourselves in these roles."

Seeing the world purely through your own lens gives you this much-needed space to follow your wanderlust and get recharged. All you have to worry about is packing that suitcase, and having an answer when someone asks, "Where to next?"