Ombré Christmas Trees Are Instagram's Coolest Holiday Trend

When you're decorating your home for the holidays, there are two important things to keep in mind: make it as festive as possible and make it Instagram-worthy. Your first order of decor business is the tree. If you want your space to stand out this year, ombré Christmas trees are truly Instagram's coolest holiday trend, and definitely worth checking out. The ombré look can be as natural as a soft blanket of white snow making its way down a green tree, or something more vibrant like hot pink hues at the top slowly transitioning to gold. It's all about whatever tree matches your holiday aesthetic.

It's so easy to switch up your holiday decor if you want to try something new. There are tons of treemendously trendy trees, including millennial pink Christmas trees, champagne Christmas trees, and now ombré trees. You can also create an extremely colorful ombré look by organizing your ornaments by shade. Color-coordinate and have a rainbow make its way down your tree from top to bottom. The same effect can be accomplished with the way you decide to light your tree.

Though, you can't decorate without a tree to begin with, so if you're feeling the ombré look, you might want to consider any of these seven trees. Once you're done rockin' around the Christmas tree and putting the star on top, a selfie for the 'Gram is required, because you're having an Insta-worthy kind of Christmas.