This Annual Viral Valentine's Day Challenge Encourages You To Ask Out Your Crush

Feb. 13 means it's that time of year again: When, despite being single, you're overcome with the heart-wrenching spirit of St. Valentine, so you've still got the perfect red sweater or pink bodycon dress on deck (and a makeup look to match!). And while you may be toasting your best friendships tonight for Galentine's Day, alas, no boo has showed up to be your Valentine. Enter Oloni's Valentine's Day challenge on Twitter to upgrade your love life. The annual challenge comes from the brilliant mind of London-based sex and relationships content creator Oloni.

There's more than one way to smoothly slide into your crush's DMs for Valentine's Day. You can keep it wholesome and cute, and ask them to a night at the movies. Or you can turn up the heat, send that risky text, and be Netflix and chilling in no time. Oloni's solution? Keep it straightforward. The challenge is to message your crush, "I've had a crush on you for some time. Would you like to go on a date with me this Valentine's Day?" And yet, as straightforward as the question is, the answers people are getting back are few and far in-between.

Some crushes are simply down for it.
empresshlw on Twitter

I mean, bare minimum, a frank, "Yes, I would." is just fab.

Other crushes are just a tad too playful with their "yes."
tattoosnlipstck on Twitter

Keep playing games! Don't save my number! I'll just cute tomorrow night, alone.

A date and DTR? A double win.
babyzay_3 on Twitter

Their crush responds, "Yeah, sure! Why not? Just tell me when you're available. I'm down!" Then they finishes their response with, "But why do you need to ask your man that?" And honestly, maybe it takes shooting your shot for your crush or hookup partner to be like, "But wait, am I not your man already?" Which, of course, is an entirely different conversation.

Some crushes are a bit tongue-in-cheek.
ope_ao on Twitter

The worst part? Oloni asked if their name was Sandra and they said, "No!"

Then, there are the true savages...
badiyoboujee on Twitter

BRB, just going to go break my phone.

... and the f*ckboys who you shouldn't waste another second on.
yaa_yaa_x on Twitter

I mean, what kind of response is this? Being unsure is fine, but don't leave me absolutely hanging.

Just say no!
fkahoda on Twitter

It stings, but at least it's a definite answer.

Of course, some crushes catch on too quickly.
catlovesldh on Twitter

They still said yes, though!

And some just know too much.
il_haaaam on Twitter


Some crushes are extra, extra sweet.
shayberry16 on Twitter

Even better than a simple yes, getting such a warm response to being vulnerable and shooting your shot makes me want to melt.

And there are the crushes who will make it work.
nostalgicfaye on Twitter

Both @nostalgicfaye and their crush were working on Thursday, but they set up a date for later!

And just super wholesome, to boot!
msrxchards on Twitter

Listen, if there's a certain fine someone who is possibly Valentine material? Go for it. Time is of the essence! Of course, if your crush doesn't respond the way you want to, don't sweat it. Pencil in another night with the other single folks in your crew and cheer on the Valentine's Day madness with a drink in hand.