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If You're Any Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, You're Going To Love The Week Of Oct. 5


The sun is in balanced, harmonious, and flirtatious Libra, helping you embrace the autumn season with grace. When the sun is in this Venus-ruled zodiac sign, everything simply seems so much more beautiful than it normally does. There's poetry flowing through the air, magic swarming through your heart, and enchantment titillating your imagination. Libra season encourages you to rejuvenate your fashion sense, strengthen your one-on-one relationships, and look at everything through a fair-minded perspective. Do as a carefree Libra does, which is laugh it off and enjoy yourself. However, no one's enjoying it more than the zodiac signs who will have the best week of October 5, 2020.

Still, don't expect this week to be easy, either. Although this zodiac sign prizes balance above all, there are so many other astrological factors complicating the situation, such as Mars retrograde. On Oct. 9, Mars will form a square to dark, obsessive, and transformative Pluto, which might just awaken the beast within. Although this can feel like an incredible push toward the impossible, the fact that Mars is retrograde makes this transit a lot more difficult to predict. Just remember to keep your impulses in check.

Luckily, you're in for a real treat when Venus, planet of love and friendship, forms a trine with Uranus, planet of individuality and freedom, on Oct. 10, reminding you to be yourself and love yourself. This transit may leave you feeling like going on a date with yourself. However, it could also introduce you to some fascinating new people who may just take you on an adventure you'll never want to forget.

If you were born under the influence of Gemini, Virgo, or Libra, here's why you're having the best week of all:


Gemini: You Want To Live Life To The Absolute Fullest

Prepare to feel desire sweep over every crevice of your heart, Gemini. This week, you're feeling hungry for new experiences, creative moments, romantic perspectives, and anything that enchants your current reality. While you may want to be careful about over-indulging or forgetting about important responsibilities, that doesn't mean you need to repress your instinct to have a good time. The sun is in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, which is an incredibly special thing. The sun is also squaring off with expansive and adventurous Jupiter, so go for it, baby.

Virgo: You're Loving Yourself In A New And Unexpected Way

You're in the midst of your Venus return, which means you're feeling more attractive, personable, and adorable than usual. It's time to celebrate how beautiful you are. Dive deep into self-love, acknowledge how amazing you are, and watch how everyone else scrambles to get your attention. You're simply that alluring. This week, Venus is forming a trine with innovative and individualistic Uranus, pushing you to discover the deeper layers of yourself and admire the unique qualities you have. There's no one else like you, and if you don't believe it, this week will prove it to you.

Libra: You're Growing So Fast And Feeling So Proud

No one's enjoying Libra season more than you are, as the cosmos are radiating your naturally charming, graceful, and diplomatic energy. This week, you may feel ridiculously inspired, which is such a nice shift away from the slow and stagnant feeling of Mars retrograde. That's because the sun — which happens to be in your zodiac sign — is squaring off with expansive, adventurous, and growth-oriented Jupiter. This will probably make you feel like pushing yourself to the limit and seeing what you're made of. While you should remind yourself to take things slow, that definitely doesn't mean you should hold back.