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You Can Go To A Virtual Pancake Party With Nutella That Looks So Flippin' Good

Thanks to quarantine and endless episodes of Chopped, you're quite the home chef. You know how to whip up the fluffiest scrambled eggs, and a banana bread that'll make your roommates rush to the kitchen — but there's still a lot to learn such as how to make crepes just like the ones you (wish you) had in Paris. Luckily, you can grab your whisk and sign up for Nutella and Williams Sonoma's virtual breakfast classes right now.

The hazelnut spread company and specialty cookware brand teamed up to create a series of virtual cooking classes that are purely dedicated to breakfast food. Each class is hosted by talented chefs, who will pass down their skills to you and your roommates, siblings, or partners. Together, you can attend a class on crepes or pancakes for the tastiest bonding session yet, and then snag a few photos of your final dishes. You can post those photos on Instagram, along with a witty breakfast caption.

In total, there are five classes, and each will look so flippin' good on your feed. Not to mention, all proceeds from the virtual breakfast classes will go to No Kid Hungry, a non-profit campaign with a mission to end child hunger in the United States. With every flick of your whisk and bite of a pancake, you can feel confident knowing your money is going to a great cause.

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So, what do these classes entail? The first class focuses on a classic: pancakes. It's hosted by chef Brooke Williamson, and will give you more tips and tricks than what's on the side of your Bisquick box. It takes place on April 10, 2021 — and yes, it's BYOS: bring your own syrup. A little less than a month later is the second class, which focuses on family breakfast and cooking tasty meals for multiple people. Hosted by chef Timothy Hollingsworth on May 1, this class would be a great one to take your littlest family member to, so they could learn about the art of cooking.

On May 22, chef Hart Hoffman and Belle English will teach you all about crepes. If you didn't already know, this dish is like a very thin pancake. It can be dressed up with other ingredients like apple slices, bacon bits, or savory cheese. To make one, you typically need a certain type of pan and skillset. Luckily, these two chefs will get you up to speed.

As the warmer months approach, you can then attend the last classes of the series, which focus on Southern breakfast food, and prepping a tasty birthday breakfast for yourself of someone you love. You'll not only learn new techniques, but also new recipes that include Nutella. These classes will be hosted by chef Matt Bolus and Amirah Kassem of FLOUR SHOP. Kassem has had her artistic treats displayed in the Whitney Museum and Brooklyn Museum in NYC, and the luxe pages of Vogue, so you know you're in for a treat.

Tickets for these classes are already on sale, and cost $5 per class or $20 for the entire series. To snag a ticket, go to the Williams Sonoma Breakfast Club page, and click on the event you want to register for. If you add the code "NUTELLA" in at checkout, you may be one of the first 1,000 people to win a free class. Either way, prepare for tasty food, good times, and Insta-worthy photos.