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80 Food Puns To Use For Group Chat Names & Turnip The Beet Of Your Convos

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Having a poppin' group chat is an easy, fun way to stay connected to your besties, no matter where you are in the world. Some groups like to send funny memes back and forth, while others utilize their chat to organize virtual wine nights and book club discussions. But for the foodies who like to share new recipes and pics of their tasty baked goods on the regular, this list of food puns for group chat names will really come in handy.

After forming a group chat, your first priority should be coming up with a name. That way, you can easily find the right chat when you want to send a quick update on the delicious dinner you're making. It shouldn't be just any group name, either. The one you choose should match the vibes of the chat, so if you're all a bunch of foodies who like to laugh, any of these 80 food puns will make your heart skip a beet.

It may be hard picking out which pun to go with, just like it's hard picking out which waffle to order at your fave brunch spot. All you have to do is send this list to your friends and see which one makes them hungry or has them LOL-ing the most. Once you decide on a name, it's time to go back to sending those sippin' selfies, delicious foodie snaps, and of course, your favorite recipes.

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1. Hap-pea Together

2. Mint To Be Together

3. She Believe She Could Sushi Did

4. Grate Friends

5. Nacho Problems

6. Let's Taco 'Bout It

7. A Pizza My Heart

8. Grapeful To Be Friends

9. My Friends Are Spec-taco-lar

10. Love A Waffle Lot

11. Don't Go Bacon My Heart

12. It's Fries Day

13. Kind Of A Big Dill

14. Donut Worry, Be Happy

15. Donut Know What I Would Do Without

16. Unbeetable Friends

17. Corn You Believe It?

18. Lettuce Talk

19. Turnip The Beet

20. We're Chili

21. Love So Matcha

22. Tea-riffic Friends

23. Gouda Friends

24. Berry Fun

25. Water You Doing?

26. Love From My Head Tomatoes

27. My Grill Friends

28. Girl Peas

29. We Want World Peas

30. Olive You

31. Appley Ever After

32. Pie Love My Friends

33. Give 'Em Pumpkin To Talk About

34. Oh Kale No

35. Good To The Core

36. Ain't Got Muffin On Me

37. Love A Latte

38. Egg-cellent Crew

39. You Cracker Me Up

40. Make My Heart Skip A Beet

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41. You Guac My World

42. Bean There, Done That

43. We're Cherry Sweet

44. Make Miso Happy

45. Words Cannot Espresso

46. One In A Melon

47. A Great Pear

48. You Want A Pizza Me?

49. Have A Slice Day

50. Un-pho-gettable

51. I Tira-miss-u

52. The Carbdashians

53. My Weir-doughs

54. Love You Dough Much

55. Let's Avo-cuddle

56. I Know Carrate

57. Let The Beet Drop

58. We Don't Carrot All

59. Relish The Moments

50. We Like Big Buns

51. Let's Ketchup

52. Fine-apples

53. Thanks For Pudding Up With Me

54. I Loaf You

55. S'more Girls Nights

56. Cereal-sly BFFs

57. Totally My Jam

58. HardCORE Friendship

59. Egg-cellent Brunch Crew

60. I'm Your Biggest Flan

61. Feeling Flantastic

62. S'more Fun With You

63. Feelin' Just Peachy

64. Brunch Ladies

65. Thank You Very Mochi

66. The Apple Of My Pie

67. Kiwi Be Friends Forever

68. Churr'all I Need

69. Kick Some Asparagus

70. My A-maize-ing Friends

71. Shrimply The Best

72. Laugh S'more, Worry Less

73. One Tough Cookie

74. Spreading Positivi-tea

75. A Peach Of My Heart

76. Tortellini In Love

77. Mac Me So Happy

78. Time Fries When You're Having Fun

79. Sundae Best

80. You're Souper Great

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