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100 Summer Group Chat Names For Housemates Who Are Your Main Squeezes

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A group chat is necessary for housemates who want to stay on the same page. Communication is key, and with the change in the season, it's time to switch things up with these group chat names for housemates this summer. When you're not streaming your fave reality TV show or sippin' rosé in the backyard, you're probably texting the crew about weekend plans or simply spilling some hot tea. Choosing a name that's dedicated to the season will add a fun and cute touch to your chat time.

You use your housemate group chat for a bunch of things. It's the most efficient way to ask everyone if they need anything when you're taking a trip to the grocery store. It's also home to all of your "family" dinner plans, inside jokes, and hilarious memes you send on the regular. During the summer, your group chat is especially helpful when you're trying to plan backyard barbecues or send group pics to each other.

To keep the summertime vibes strong all season long, consider using any of these 100 group chat names. Just choose the one that everyone can agree on, and send your first "water you doing" text of the season.

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1. Summer Babes

2. We Tropic Like It's Hot

3. Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

4. Water You Doing

5. The Beach House

6. Seasing The Day

7. Turtley Awesome

8. There's No Place Like Home

9. Happy As A Clam

10. Relish The Moments

11. Orange Your Glad We're Roomies

12. Home Sweet Home

13. We're Some Fineapples

14. Beach Babes

15. Cool For The Summer

16. Summer Vibes Only

17. Roomies On Vacay

18. Staycation

19. Out For The Summer

20. One In A Melon

21. Tide Down

22. Whatever Floats Your Boat

23. My Grill Friends

24. Summer Book Club

25. Weekend Do It

26. Beachy Keen

27. On Island Time

28. Swan Goals

29. Summer Queens

30. Out Of The Office

31. My Main Beaches

32. We Like To Shellebrate

33. Lease Queens

34. No Landlords Allowed

35. World's Best Roommates

36. Fintastic Crew

37. Jaw Ready For This

38. Oh Ship

39. The Backyardigans

40. Aloha Beaches

41. Mermaid To Be Roomies

42. Chillin' And Grillin'

43. Pawsitive Vibes

44. Forever Sand Ever

45. Our Grocery List

46. Shady Beaches

47. My Main Squeezes

48. Lemon-adies

49. Rosé All Day

50. Shrimply The Best


51. Whale Hello There

52. Mermaid Crew

53. Good Times And Tan Lines

54. Flocking Fabulous

55. Ready To Flamingle

56. Let's Flamingo

57. Aloe My Besties

58. Keeping It Reel

59. Sea You Every Day

60. Living In Paradise

61. 'Tis The Sea-Sun

62. Beach Please

63. Shell Yeah We Live Together

64. Fresh To Depth

65. Pool Party

66. My Barbe-Cuties

67. Dose Of Vitamin Sea

68. S'more Fun

69. What's Up Beaches

70. S'mores Code

71. The Summer Club

72. It's Aboat Time

73. We Scream For Ice Cream

74. Anything Is Popsicle

75. Just Chillin'

76. Ready, Set, Sparkle

77. Looking Pine

78. The S'more The Merrier

79. It's Flocking Summer

80. Yeah Buoy

81. Hello Sunshine

82. You Are My Sunshine

83. In Tents Friends

84. Shake Your Palm Palms

85. We're Mangonificent

86. Summer Squad

87. Backyard Campers

88. Grapeful For Our Friendship

89. Private Party

90. Summer Meme Team

91. Members Only

92. Our Summer Lewks

93. Hanging Out All Summer

94. You Can't Sip With Us

95. What The Shell Is Up

96. A Summer To Remember

97. Sunny Side Up

98. My Starfishes

99. Just Beachy

100. Summer Housemates

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