75 Funny WhatsApp Group Names For Friends Who Love To Spill The Tea

Texting your friends is something you likely do every single day. Your various group chats are constantly lighting up with memes, inside jokes, and hot tea. Make it easier to keep track of everything by assigning them all funny WhatsApp group names for friends.

WhatsApp is a great way for you and your friends to stay in touch, no matter where you are in the world. It's great for long-distance friends, but can also be essential for the besties you see all the time. If that's your platform of choice, you probably have a few group chats going on within the app right now. These may include chats with your hometown besties, college crew, and your closest coworkers. Each group deserves its own fun name, and not just a generic title.

Show off your sense of humor with a name that makes everyone LOL every time they see it pop up on their phone. You could always go with an inside joke you have, but if you're unsure of where to begin, these 75 funny WhatsApp group names are a perfect combo of witty phrases and puns. If you find a name that makes everyone in your crew crack up, you know you've found a keeper. Update your group chat with your new name, and get back to sending all the hilarious pics and funny stories ASAP.

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1. WhatsApp With You?

2. Group Name Pending

3. My Gouda Friends

4. Best Fries Forever

5. It's A Full House

6. F Is For Friends Who WhatsApp Together

7. Game Of Phones

8. My Bae-Goals

9. Friendchips & Talk

10. Lettuce Talk

11. Mermaid To WhatsApp

12. We Taco 'Bout It

13. Chat Goes Onion On

14. Orange You Glad We WhatsApp?

15. XOXO, Gossip Girls

16. Insert Meme Here

17. Selfie Sharers

18. Top Secret WhatsApp

19. Hot Tea Found Here

20. Spilling The Tea In Progress

21. My Lucky Charms

22. Walkie Talkies

23. This Chat Is Kind Of A Big Dill

24. Grape Friends

25. You Butter Believe It

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26. Time To Ketchup

27. Best WhatsApp Friends Forever

28. The One Where They WhatsApp

29. Where You Lead, I'll WhatsApp

30. The Three Eggmigos

31. Flantastic Four

32. Fab Five

33. Berry Good Content

34. Like A Waffle Lot

35. The Chat Zone

36. VIP Section

37. Watts Up

38. Love You All So Matcha

39. Insert Your Selfies Here

40. My Best Frans

41. Cerealsly The Best

42. Doughnut Stop Talking

43. Love You A Latte

44. Give Me A WiFi-ve

45. All Meow Friends

46. WhatsApp Posse

47. Some Cheesy Pizza Gossip

48. The Chats Meow

49. Felt Cute, Might WhatsApp Later

50. Olive My Friends

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51. Everyone Romaine Calm

52. My Succutelent Crew

53. My Favorite Human Beans

54. Shrimply The Best

55. Whale Hello There

56. S'more Chats

57. Egg-cited Convos

58. A Bunch Of Hot Teas

59. Long Time No Taco

60. Squad Ghouls

61. Aloha Beaches

62. We WhatsApp So Mochi

63. My Space-cial Friends

64. Always Squeeze The Day

65. Mint To WhatsApp

66. WhatsApp With Some Bunnies

67. Love A Brunch

68. Turn Down For Brunch

69. Gotta Be Kitten Around

70. Love So Ducking Much

71. 50 Shades Of Slay

72. Howl You Doin'

73. Wassa, Bae?

74. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

75. Soy Much Fun